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Happy Death Day

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A college student relives the day of her murder with both its unexceptional details and terrifying end until she discovers her killer's identity.


  • Jessica Rothe
  • Israel Broussard
  • Ruby Modine
  • Charles Aitken
  • Laura Clifton
  • Jason Bayle
  • Rob Mello
  • Rachel Matthews
  • Ramsey Anderson
  • Brady Lewis

Did You Know?


  • Originally titled "Half to Death."
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  • When Tree is attempting to elude the masked killer in the hospital parking garage, she flees in Gregory's silver Mercedes-Benz, using a floor mounted shifter, which that model does not have. In the US all Mercedes-Benz models come standard with a steering column mounted shifter.
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    • Tree Gelbman: Tim, I know you're really not into girls. But it's okay. Love is love. Now go out there and get yourself a fine piece of man-ass!
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Atom User Reviews

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Verified Review

good storyline but could of been executed better

Brooke G
Verified Review

It gets 5 stars for what it was a comedy it wasn’t meant to be scary and it wasn’t. It was funny and the jokes and plot twists were 90s teen movie reminiscent. I’d buy it on dvd and put it right between mean girls and he heathers.

Taylor M


Oct 11, 2017

Thankfully never taking itself too seriously, the latest Jason Blum-produced comedy-thriller is happy to carve out its spot as the horror-themed, millennial-focused Groundhog Day, and to have fun doing so. A dynamic lead performance and a willingness to keep things short and snappy also ensure viewers won’t mind venturing into rehash territory.

Metacritic review by Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward
Screen International
Oct 11, 2017

Although concentrating on delivering easily digestible situations and scene progressions, Landon does demonstrate some enticing visual flair that gets rather diminished by the repetitiveness of the plot.

Metacritic review by Justin Lowe
Justin Lowe
The Hollywood Reporter
Oct 11, 2017

Landon, who wrote four of the “Paranormal Activity” films, knows a lot about reverse engineering scary scenarios from mundane situations, but as with later installments of that series, he overcomplicates the logistics and mythology of the premise, aiming for something more raucous (and fun) in tone but lacking the intensity — or inevitability — to make its repetition feel truly chilling.

Metacritic review by Todd Gilchrist
Todd Gilchrist