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Who We Are

We are a team of movie-lovers, tech geeks, and app gurus, based out of Santa Monica, California. We work hard to make movies easy.


Ameesh Paleja

Ameesh Paleja

Ameesh is an accomplished engineer and technology executive. After starting his career at Microsoft, he moved across town to join a small company called At Amazon, he focused on building software and services that allowed the company to sell digital goods that didn’t come in little brown boxes. Ameesh helped launch Prime Instant Video, Amazon’s Appstore, Cloud Drive, and the Kindle product line. He then became the founding employee of Amazon’s digital R&D facility in Southern California, where he oversaw 550+ employees. Much of Atom's design was born of Ameesh’s frustration with planning a night out at the movies with friends. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego, and holds 16 patents. He is not very good at poker but would be happy for you to invite him to a friendly game. Ameesh’s favorite movie is Gladiator (followed closely by Star Trek VI).
Matthew Bakal

Matthew Bakal

Matthew has a unique background that includes extensive experience on both the creative and financial sides of the media business. He has worked for Warner Bros., Mandate Pictures, Good Universe, and IBM entertainment consulting. He has structured financial deals that balance creative ambitions with bottom line prudence. Previously at Lionsgate Entertainment, he oversaw day-to-day business development opportunities and strategic initiatives. Matthew wants more people to see more movies, and he thinks there should be an easier way for the industry to match movie supply with consumer demand. All this experience contributed to the spark that has become Atom and our successful capital raise. Matthew holds an AB in English and American Literature from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Matthew’s favorite movie is Caddyshack. But maybe Airplane. Or perhaps Animal House.
Geoff Shaevitz

Geoff Shaevitz

Geoff has spent the last 19 years in the film industry. He has been a development executive at Warner Bros., Summit Entertainment, and currently oversees the Summit label for Lionsgate Entertainment. He has worked on all sorts of movies, ranging from Batman Begins and Twilight to Red and Now You See Me. His desire to collaborate on Atom stems from his belief that all people (young, old, and everything in between) want to go out to the movies with friends – they just haven’t had the right tools. Geoff holds a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. In addition to being a film executive, Geoff is an avid chef and a horrible dishwasher. Geoff’s favorite movie is Black Hawk Down.
Alex Rouse

Alex Rouse

Ever since founding a software startup in college, Alex has been passionate about using mobile technology to solve customer problems and build products that delight users. Prior to Atom, Alex worked for Amazon for 6 years and led a team that built digital products used by millions of people on Kindle Fire, Fire TV, and other devices. On a daily basis, Alex is involved with Atom’s continuing transformation from a great idea into a real, user-friendly app, but he’s always game to take a quick break if it involves working on cars. Alex holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University and an MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management. Alex’s favorite movie is A Few Good Men (or really anything written by Sorkin).


  • Shannah Miller

    Shannah Miller

    Shannah is passionate about creating new marketing opportunities. Prior to Atom, she was the SVP of Brand Partnerships and Promotion at RCA Records, a division of Sony Music, where she helped build artists such as: Justin Timberlake, Usher, P!NK, Sia, Pitbull and Britney Spears into global superstars and household names. Within minutes of meeting with the Atom co-founders, she aspired to be a part of its spirited and talented team. Atom speaks to both halves of Shannah’s personality. As an executive, she is inspired to make Atom a household name, while, as a busy mom, she is thrilled to no longer wait in theater lines with her energetic boys and to be able to conveniently coordinate an outing with her friends to the movies. Shannah has a BA in Journalism from New York University. Her favorite movies are Love Actually and The Princess Bride.
  • Steve Joudi

    Steve Joudi

    Whether attending a music festival, or an intimate movie screening, Steve is energized by shared experiences. Before joining Atom, Steve spent 10 years at AEG, the world’s largest sports and live entertainment provider. There, he led AEG’s Global Support Services team providing operational and administrative support to hundreds of entertainment venues and sports teams around the globe. At Atom, Steve is responsible for introducing and servicing Atom’s ticketing system to venue partners. When he’s not on the road visiting theaters, you’ll probably find him taking in a sporting event with his family, or attending a concert. Steve holds a BA in Global Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies and Journalism from The University of Texas. Steve’s favorite movie is Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • Nick Geller

    Nick Geller

    Nick has spent the majority of his career working in the sports and entertainment industry, and believes that buying tickets to anything shouldn’t be such a painful process. Before joining Atom, Nick spent 6 years as Vice President & Senior Counsel at AEG, the world’s largest sports and live entertainment provider. Prior to AEG, Nick practiced M&A and Corporate Finance law at Dewey Ballantine in NYC. At Atom, Nick oversees the deal making process with Atom’s commercial partners, manages all day-to-day legal matters, and is actively involved in exploring and developing new strategic opportunities. In his free time, Nick enjoys playing tennis, intense games of tag and hide-and-seek with his daughters, and backgammon battles against his iPhone. Nick holds a BS from Vanderbilt University and a J.D. degree from Boston College Law School. Nick’s favorite movie is ¡Three Amigos!
  • Drew Tennenbaum

    Drew Tennenbaum

    Drew found his passion for technology at the early age of 12 programming on his Commodore computer. Since then, he has led teams building products that range from massively multiplayer online video games to consumer apps running on mobile devices. Before joining Atom, Drew managed multiple teams at Amazon’s Appstore in Southern California. The desire to transform the industry is what “drew” him to Atom. When not keeping up-to-date with new technology, you can usually find Drew teeing it up on the golf course. Drew holds a BS in Computer Science and Math from The University of Arizona. Drew’s favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back.


  • Max Lynn
    Max Lynn
    Road Warrior
    Favorite Movie
    Up in the Air
  • Michael Barlow
    Michael Barlow
    The Wandering Ticketer
    Favorite Movie
    Abre Los Ojos
  • Amanda Ruland
    Amanda Ruland
    SVP Voice Overs
    Favorite Movie
  • Mitchell Kim
    Mitchell Kim
    SVP of Hot Sauces
    Favorite Movie
    The Shawshank Redemption
  • Enoch Owen
    Enoch Owen
    CEO of Umbrella Corp
    Favorite Movie
    Princess Mononoke
  • Tara Kistler
    Tara Kistler
    Promo Code Queen
    Favorite Movie
    The Other Boleyn Girl
  • Trent DiBacco
    Trent DiBacco
    What did you just call me?
    Favorite Movie
    Forrest Gump
  • Jordan Marinov
    Jordan Marinov
    Director of Drone Operations
    Favorite Movie
    Cast Away
  • Kenley Capps
    Kenley Capps
    Chief Samosa
    Favorite Movie
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Mike McMaster
    Mike McMaster
    SVP Chat Applications
    Favorite Movie
    American Ninja 2: The Confrontation
  • Alan Raddatz
    Alan Raddatz
    Former King of Ephyra
    Favorite Movie
    Wedding Crashers
  • Mayank Patel
    Mayank Patel
    Principal Foodie
    Favorite Movie
    Lord of the Rings
  • Ricardo Olvera Cano
    Ricardo Olvera Cano
    SVP PC Affairs
    Favorite Movie
  • Jedd Weise
    Jedd Weise
    SVP Movie Quotes
    Favorite Movie
  • Kennly Lam
    Kennly Lam
    Code Poet
    Favorite Movie
    August Rush
  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones
    Newsletter Contributor
    Favorite Movie
    High Fidelity
  • Aaron Alcock
    Aaron Alcock
    GM of Atom Softball Team
    Favorite Movie
    The Dark Knight
  • Michael Beenen
    Michael Beenen
    Future Legacy Software Architect
    Favorite Movie
    Good Will Hunting
  • Chris Brucia
    Chris Brucia
    Guy Behind the Guy
    Favorite Movie
    The Big Lebowski
  • Melanie Capps
    Melanie Capps
    Chieftess Samosa
    Favorite Movie
    The Godfather
  • Korinna Cardiff
    Korinna Cardiff
    The Energizer Bunny
    Favorite Movie
    Finding Nemo
  • Jeremy Mann
    Jeremy Mann
    Atom Roadrunner
    Favorite Movie
  • Matthew Maciejewski
    Matthew Maciejewski
    Lunch Specialist
    Favorite Movie
    Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
  • Jeff Hsu
    Jeff Hsu
    Doughnut Getter
    Favorite Movie
    Remember the Titans
  • David Marlor
    David Marlor
    Chief Beer Taster
    Favorite Movie
    Empire Strikes Back
  • Christina Springer
    Christina Springer
    Resident Political Analyst
    Favorite Movie
    Pulp Fiction
  • Shatil Rafiullah
    Shatil Rafiullah
    The Help
    Favorite Movie
    The Usual Suspects