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You probably know the Superman story. An alien infant crash-lands on Earth, is raised by kindly parents, and grows up to be a hero the likes of which we have never seen. Things could have been different, however. What if, instead of becoming a hero, the alien child became a terror?

Brightburn turns a classic superhero scenario into a horror story. Elizabeth Banks and David Denman play the couple whose lives become a battle for survival as their adopted son manifests a sinister will along with his powers. Produced by Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker James Gunn.


  • Elizabeth Banks
  • David Denman
  • Jackson A. Dunn
  • Abraham Clinkscales
  • Christian Finlayson
  • Jennifer Holland
  • Emmie Hunter
  • Matt Jones
  • Meredith Hagner
  • Becky Wahlstrom

Did You Know?


  • A horror take on the Superman origins/mythos.
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  • When Brandon sleepwalks to the window the night he tries to break into the barn basement, his bedsheet drags behind him. In the next shot when he gets ready to jump out the window, the bedsheet is gone.
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    • [first lines]
    • Kyle Breyer: Are you okay?
    • Tori Breyer: Mm-hmm.
    • Kyle Breyer: Oh, I like this. Maybe this time we get lucky and make a baby?
    • Tori Breyer: Let's just have some fun.
    • Kyle Breyer: Oh, I like fun.
    • Tori Breyer: Just shut up and kiss me.
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Atom User Reviews

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Verified Review

this movie was so mf stupid i wasted my f****** money

toni A
Verified Review

this was white privilege at its finest.



May 22, 2019

It’s got more than its share of disturbing sequences, and a string of brutal murders. It’s also got surprisingly decent special effects for a movie that was surely made on a fraction of the budget of a DC Comics film. And it has a perfectly cast Jackson A. Dunn as Brandon.

Metacritic review by Matt Singer
Matt Singer
May 22, 2019

While not exactly original, the premise is certainly effective enough. But Brightburn lacks the visual stylization or wit to elevate it from the realm of the crudely effective B-movie.

Metacritic review by Frank Scheck
Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter
May 22, 2019

While we can perhaps be grateful that the superficiality of Brightburn probably kept it from opting to exploit elements of disturbed-kid narratives that have been all too common in our more tragic news stories, what remains is still never terribly entertaining as either popcorn or a bent take on superhero myths.

Metacritic review by Robert Abele
Robert Abele