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  • A large portion of the movie has to deal with the famous Winchester lever-action rifle being used during the American Civil War. This is factually wrong. The first Winchester lever-action model did not appear until after the war, in 1866. The similar-looking Henry rifle and the Spencer rifle were the main repeaters used during the war, and even then repeating rifles were themselves rare on the average Civil War battlefield. Most troops used then-traditional single-shot weapons, primarily "rifle-muskets."
  • Prior to the 1906 earthquake, the Winchester house was 7 stories high. But it is depicted throughout the film as it stands today, with 4 stories.
  • In one scene featuring the character of the doctor he can be seen to be writing on a notepad, however upon closer inspection the actor is simply tracing over already written words.
  • The scene in which the 1906 earthquake occurred shows Sarah and Dr.Price in the gun room during the day. This is factually incorrect. The gun room is actually an outbuilding of the estate and was added after Winchester's death. The actual 1906 earthquake struck at 5:12 am Pacific time. Winchester was asleep in the Daisy Bedroom when the earthquake struck San Francisco. Because she liked sleeping in different bedrooms, her servants had no idea where she was and it took her them over four hours to try to find her. The damage to the Daisy Bedroom, on the second floor of the mansion, was severe however, the experience so terrified Sarah that she had ordered the room sealed and never allowed any restoration. Tourists to the house are allowed in the Daisy Bedroom, so called because of the pattern of Tiffany stained glass daisies, said to be Sarah's favorite flower, in all the windows. Remarkably, while the room sustained horrific damage, the windows remained undamaged. Tourists can still see the damage to the room including the area, now glassed off, where the fireplace had fallen through to the first floor. The door jamb is also severely tilted from the severity of the quake.
  • When the mansion's exterior is first shown in daylight, the sun is depicted as coming from the right side of the frame when the camera is facing the mansion's front facade. This is impossible, as the mansion's front facade faces due east, and the right side of the frame would be north. In San Jose, California, which is in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere, the sun cannot shine on the north side of the mansion.
  • When the front of the mansion is shown, CGI is used to depict the 7-story tower that existed on the mansion in 1906, and the colors of the mansion are changed from their current (2018) colors, yet the final (1922) configuration of the mansion's main facade is shown. In 1906, the facade was quite different, as construction between 1906 and 1922 changed the mansion drastically. When overhead shots of the mansion rooftops are shown, the current (2018) colors are visible, and there is no sign of the 7-story tower (it was torn down after the 1906 earthquake) even though the spot where it should protrude is shown several times.
  • It is clearly stated in the middle of the film that the mansion's bell is rung only at midnight. Yet the bell inexplicably rings after the occurrence of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, which historically happened at 5:12 AM local time. After all characters make it out of the mansion, post-earthquake, it is still completely dark outside. Sunrise in San Jose, California on April 18th (the date of the earthquake) occurs around 6:30 AM PDT, which would've been around 5:30 AM in 1906 (prior to the establishment of Daylight Savings Time). The characters gather in front of the mansion, which faces east, so the sun should have been rising already (or at least about to break dawn, depending on how long the story's climax was supposed to have lasted).
  • In 1906 Dr. Price presents his "house guest" with a 1917 two dollar bill.
  • The movie is set in 1906. A young lady says her aunt's house was "state of the art". This expression did not come into use until 1910.
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