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  • Filmed on location in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Kristen Stewart used her experience of being alone on set for the first time to add to her character as a 16-year old runaway living alone.
  • Kristen Stewart first read the script when she was 16-years old and was officially cast at age 17. Production didn't begin until after she turned 18.
  • Official selection at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The film was screened on day 5.
  • Writer Ken Hixon wrote the script after visiting New Orleans, entering a strip club on Bourbon Street, and seeing one of the dancers who looked like a 15-year old girl. He began to write the script so he could imagine why a girl that young would become an exotic dancer.
  • After seeing Kristen Stewart's performance in Into the Wild (2007) director Jake Scott wanted to work with her. He called producers Scott Bloom and Giovanni Agnelli immediately after leaving the theater to see if Stewart would be available to meet with them.
  • Mallory (Kristen Stewart) works at Dixie Divas. In reality, it is a working strip club in New Orleans located at 606 Iberville St.
  • Producer Scott Bloom praised Kristen Stewart for her performance claiming very few actresses her age could have brought as much realism to the role as she did. He was also convinced no other actress could have fully pulled the role off.
  • Melissa Leo signed onto the project two weeks before filming was set to begin in New Orleans.
  • Kristen Stewart liked how director Jake Scott didn't exploit her character's profession. She was proud that he looked at the emotional side of the character and not just the fact that she was a stripper.
  • The markings on Mallory's house are a reference to Hurricane Katrina, as rescue workers and the Army National Guard would spray paint an X on each house or building that had been cleared.
  • Director Jake Scott and costume designer Kim Bowen accompanied Kristen Stewart to strip clubs to research her role as Mallory. During that time Stewart was offered jobs by club owners because they didn't know she was an actress.
  • The film was shot directly after Kristen Stewart had filmed Twilight (2008). Producers Giovanni Agnelli and Scott Bloom cast Stewart as a relatively unknown actress and had no idea how famous she was going to become due to the success the Twilight Saga gained.
  • In preparation for her role Kristen Stewart learned how to pole dance, deprived herself of sleep, chain-smoked, and ate mostly junk food. As a result Stewart's body and legs were covered with bruises, her skin was blemished, and she constantly looked tired. Director Jake Scott praised Stewart's dedication because she was so willing to allow herself to subordinate her physical appearance for the role.
  • Director Jake Scott revealed that Kristen Stewart and James Gandolfini improvised a lot of their dialogue, especially Stewart, claiming it was frustrating for the film's writers. Scott said it was always a surprise with Stewart because she would never warn anyone of what she was going to say.
  • Although there are no explicit stripping scenes in the film, Kristen Stewart worked closely with strippers in New Orleans to learn how they worked so she could give an accurate portrayal in the film.
  • Jake Scott cast Kristen Stewart due to how genuine and authentic she was when it came to her character.


  • Allison's (Kristen Stewart) known aliases are Mallory, Bridgette, Roxy, and Jennifer.
  • Writer Ken Hixon wrote an alternate ending which featured Mallory living with Doug and Lois in New Orleans, but director Jake Scott didn't use it because he found it insulting to the characters.
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