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Quotes from Underwater

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    • [as a clinger devours Paul]
    • Smith: It just dragged him straight out of his suit!
    • [to Norah as she pulls him free]
    • Paul: Oh you beautiful flat chested chick
    • Paul: What's the scariest part of a roller coaster? Waiting in line.
    • Captain Lucien: On a scale from one to ten, how bad's my rig?
    • Norah: Ten.
    • [as the Cthulhu looks her in the eyes as she rigs the base to detonate]
    • Norah: You've got sixty seconds
    • Norah Price: There are things will happen and make you feel powerless, and make you feel insignificant, but that's it. There are just feelings. and sometimes you have to stop feeling, and start doing.
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