True Grit 50th Anniversary (1969) presented by TCM

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Fathom Events, TCM and Paramount Pictures present True Grit, returning to cinemas for a special 50th anniversary event featuring exclusive insight from Turner Classic Movies! Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the classic Western that won John Wayne his first and only Oscar. The legendary movie star gives his most iconic performance as Rooster Cogburn, a drunken, uncouth and totally fearless one-eyed U.S. Marshall hired by a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) to find the man who murdered her father. When Cogburn's employer insists on accompanying the old gunfighter, sparks start to fly. The situation goes from troubled to disastrous when an inexperienced but enthusiastic Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) joins the party. Laughter and tears punctuate the wild action in this extraordinary film also featuring performances by Robert Duvall and Strother Martin. A true western classic for fans and first-timers, True Grit is a must-see on the big screen.


  • John Wayne
  • Glen Campbell
  • Kim Darby
  • Jeremy Slate
  • Robert Duvall
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Alfred Ryder
  • Strother Martin
  • Jeff Corey
  • Ron Soble

Did You Know?


  • Marguerite Roberts was a formerly blacklisted writer due to her left-wing politics. John Wayne, who had extremely right-wing politics, knew this before he read the script. He read it and liked it. He ignored people who said he shouldn't work on anything that a "blacklisted" writer wrote. According to Scott Eyman's biography of Wayne, Roberts was not herself blacklisted, but was married to the blacklisted John Sanford. Wayne wrote to her in 1969 calling her screenplay "magnificent" and hoping she might write another such screenplay with him in mind.
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  • Rooster mentions that he lived for some years in Cairo, Illinois, but he mispronounces the name of the town. The local pronunciation is KAY-row.
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    • [last lines]
    • Mattie Ross: Trust you to buy another tall horse.
    • Rooster Cogburn: Yeah. He's not as game as Beau, but Stonehill says he can jump a four rail fence.
    • Mattie Ross: You are too old and fat to be jumping horses.
    • Rooster Cogburn: Well, come see a fat old man some time!
    • [jumps the fence and rides away]
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

Really great to see this movie the way it was meant to be seen. The scenery of where this was filmed really stands out on the big screen. And the Duke ... well he is still the Duke !

James C
Verified Review

The theater consistently has problems with these programs they either don't turn either the sound or the picture on. This movie still had about 10 minutes to rum when it suddenly went off. The less than five star rating is for the presentation, not the movie

Donald W