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  • When Tommy is with his friends after finding out his grade, the smoking device in his friend's hand disappears and reappears between shots.
  • In the scene where Tommy wrecks and lights the toy car model on fire, the front axle and wheels are missing from the table in some shots, and the blue car is set on the table in different spots in some shots as well.
  • The toy hand that Tommy uses to flick off Richard moves between takes.
  • When Richard is looking at the girl in the pool though his hotel window you can hear a zipper noise (as if his pants zipper was going down), but later in the scene you can see he is wearing boxers.
  • Tommy reaches for the life preserver with his left hand. In the next shot, he is grabbing it with his right hand.
  • When Paul arrives in Sandusky on a bus, a camera man and camera can be seen in the upper left-hand corner of the front window as the bus comes to a stop.
  • At the beginning of the airplane bathroom scene, Richard's double can be clearly seen entering the bathroom - the double's hair is much more gray than Richard's. Then, visible through the crack in the door, the double can be seen to go left as Richard comes back of the bathroom.
  • When Richard hits Tommy with the 2x4 the break in the wood has a slivered edge. However, when the scene cuts to a different angle, Richard has a complete 2x4 in his hand.
  • Richard hits Tommy in the face with a 2x4 when they get into a fight. This board was nowhere in sight in the long shot of them getting out of the car, and not enough time passes between shots for Richard to have run off, found it, and returned.
  • When Richard's hair blows at Zalinsky's headquarters, he pushes his toupee back onto his head, and it's all ruffled and out of place. In the next shot it is back to normal.
  • When Tommy bends the car door back into position at the gas station, it is visibly dented and crumpled along the edge. Immediately after, Richard goes to open the door, it falls to the ground, and is in pristine condition.
  • The position of Tommy's boxers directly after he falls out of the airplane bathroom moves between the first and second shot of him on the floor.
  • There is an obvious stunt double for Paul when he is on the hood of the crash test car.
  • When Tommy and Richard stop to pick up the hitchhiker you hear a car horn that trails off as if someone was beeping as they passed by, but there is no car.
  • During the last scene on Tommy's boat, there is no rope connected to the pulley wheel at the end of the boom of his sailboat. In the next shot when he sails away, there is a rope attached to it (this is necessary to be able to sail).
  • When Tommy get out of the car to "tinkle," Richard slowly drives forward and a blue van passes by. You can see the camera in the reflection of the van.
  • While in Zalinsky's Board Room with the TV crew, Tommy gets Zalinsky to give his "I make car parts" line. As Zalinsky starts, he opens his shirt and undoes his tie, next shot his tie and shirt button are closed, then the next shot they are open again.
  • When Tommy runs into the glass door after a successful sale, he leaves his makeup imprint on the glass.
  • During many early scenes, Richard's car has no rear-view mirror. However, it is installed before the deer destroys the car and knocks it off with its antlers.
  • In the last scene, Tommy's boat is in shallow water. Yet when the wind picks up, his boat is farther out in the lake.
  • Before Beverley comes out of the pool, a crewmember and a boom mic are reflected in the glass door that Big Tom closes.
  • In the airplane restroom, the door was not opposite the toilet, yet when Tommy pulls his tie out of the commode and falls backward, he goes through the door and into the aisle.
  • When Tommy Boy bends Richards car door in reverse at the Citgo gas station, it is obvious that the door was bent after tommy fixes it, but when Richard tries to open it it looks to be like new.
  • The tag on Tommy's life jacket appears and disappears between shots in the airplane.
  • During the scene after Tommy and Richard are kicked out of Zalinsky Auto right before Tommy's love interest shows up, you can see the same reddish haired man in a suit walk by behind Tommy twice.
  • At the beginning when Tommy is running as a youth, which would have been set in the late 1970s, several late model (1990s) cars are in the background.
  • Obvious stunt doubles when Tommy is driving with Richard drinking beers as they prepare for the "bees-in-the-car" ploy.
  • Tommy and Richard are flying to Chicago however when they show the office building that Zalinsky's office is in, it is the Fox Plaza building in Century City, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Richard hits Tommy Boy across the side of his face with a board. It is revealed, during the lunch scene at The Cluck Bucket, that this left a huge bruise on Tommy Boy's face. Yet just a short while later, when Tommy makes his first successful sale to Ted, there is not a trace of any bruise on his face (nor is any sign of the bruise seen at any time later in the movie).
  • In the scene where Tommy and Richard stay at the Deer Glen Hotel, Richard makes a comment to Tommy about the moths inside of the hotel room. If you look closely you can see a member of the crew's hand throwing moths in the air at the base of the lamp behind the end table.
  • When Tommy and Michelle are in the sailboat, the reflective disc and securing strap on the (screen) right side of his life vest disappears and then reappears.
  • When the woman at the motel strips to go skinny dipping, her robe and bikini top move around at her feet between shots after she takes them off.
  • When Tommy is backing up the car at the gas station, the door is open about one foot. Just before the door is torn off, it is wide open.
  • When driving to McKeesport, PA "Tommy" and "Richard" hit a deer. The type of deer that is hit is a Mule Deer and they are only found in the Western States, not in eastern state of Pennsylvania.
  • At the end, when Tommy is sitting in the boat, we can see as the camera moves that the boat is only in about two feet of water. In the next scene, the boat appears to be in the middle of the lake, and in the next scene he is close to shore again.
  • When the hood flies off the car the freeway has dozens of vehicles traveling in both directions. Once the car comes to a rest on the side of the road, all traffic has disappeared.
  • When Tommy and Michelle are in her office and she's packing her things, her necklace with the curved jewelry switches back and forth repeatedly.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Tommy rushes to take his American History Exam. The first question is "James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and _____ Hancock were all Framers of the Constitution." (Tommy writes Herbie). However, a University History Professor would know that while Madison was a Framer, Hancock and Jefferson were not. The latter two were not at the Constitutional Convention.
  • Near the beginning, when Tommy's dad shows Tommy his office, the door reads "Thomas R. Callahan III." At the end of the movie, when Tommy is being introduced as the new President, he is introduced as "Tom Callahan Jr."
  • Early in the movie Richard claims to have dropped a 440 6-Pack Magnum engine into his Plymouth GTX. In all later scenes with the hood up or missing, it shows that the car is actually equipped with a standard 440 4 Barrel, as indicated by the "440 Magnum Four Barrel" Air Cleaner. The Magnum and the 6-Pack are two different packages for the 440, impossible to confuse with one another. 440 4 Barrel engines are equipped with a single four barrel carburetor and round air cleaner, where 6-Pack engines are equipped with three two barrel carburetors and a massive oblong air cleaner that covers the entire length of the intake.
  • At the end of the movie when Paul is on the crash test car, after the impact laws of inertia would cause him to have been thrown into the wall not adjacent into the seat tester.
  • At the end of the movie when when Calhoun starts the motor and the cooling fan starts it pushes the toupee of Richard back, however cooling fans of a motor do not push air, it pulls air through the radiator to cool the water so the toupee would not get pushed back.
  • Obvious stunt double for Tommy performing a cartwheel during the "What'd I Say" number.
  • The airport shown at the beginning of the movie is supposed to be "Sandusky" but is actually the Island Airport at Toronto Ontario. The base of the CN Tower is seen off to the left of the picture.
  • When in Zalinsky's test area, there is a car crash test being performed. The car is clearly shown being pulled by a winch cable, yet you hear the car engine accelerating as if moving under it's own power.
  • When Tommy gets home from college and goes to his dad's shop, they walk through the floor. It can clearly be seen that one of the girls taking out an oil filter from the molten lava is not using gloves.
  • Near the beginning, when Tommy's dad shows Tommy his office, the door reads "Thomas R. Callahan III." At the end of the movie, when Tommy is being introduced as the new President, he is introduced as "Tom Callahan Jr." It is common for a son to take his father's suffix when the father passes away. So Tommy takes his father's suffix of "Jr." it may be implied that the grandfather, "Sr." is still alive as Tommy's father has not taken the "Sr." suffix.
  • The airplane that Chris Farley and David Spade board en route to Chicago is a 747 SP. The airplane shown on approach to Chicago is an L-1011.
  • After Michelle finishes yelling at the 3 kids on the shore, the boy of the far right starts to turn and run to his right. The camera angle changes to a long-view and the boy is running to his left instead of his right.
  • The Griffing-Sandusky airport's longest runway is only 3559 feet, not nearly long enough for commercial jets to take off.
  • In the scene on the plane where Tommy & Richard are about to change from their airline uniforms, you can actually see in the space between the plane's restroom door when David Spade's double for his character 'Richard' actually switch places with Spade In the restroom to accentuate the 'quick wardrobe change.'
  • Near the beginning of the movie, when Tommy Sr. takes the men onto the factory floor, he makes everyone put on a hard hat for safety. But as they walk through the factory, most of the employees are not even wearing hard hats.


  • When the "stepmother" is laying on the bed talking to the "step brother", they are talking about how to stop the trucks and her night gown strap changes positions a lot.
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