The Wolf Hour

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It's July 1977, and New York City is awash with escalating violence. A citywide blackout is triggering fires, looting, and countless arrests, and the Son of Sam murders are riddling the city with panic. June, once a celebrated counterculture figure, attempts to retreat from the chaos by shutting herself inside the yellowed walls of her grandmother's South Bronx apartment. But her doorbell is ringing incessantly, the heat is unbearable, and creeping paranoia and fear are taking hold. Visitors, some invited, some unsolicited, arrive one by one, and June must determine whom she can trust and whether she can find a path back to her former self.


  • Naomi Watts
  • Jennifer Ehle
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr.
  • Emory Cohen
  • Brennan Brown
  • Jeremy Bobb
  • Maritza Veer
  • Justin Clarke
  • Angel Christian Roman
  • Pedro Hollywood

Did You Know?


  • Naomi Watts and Kelvin Harrison, Jr. starred together in Luce.
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Atom User Reviews

3.0 out of 5


Dec 6, 2019

On the whole, his (Griffin) indecisive The Wolf Hour tick-tocks its way to an underwhelming finale. And when it gets there, the most shocking realization you’ll have is how forgettable an affair it all has been.

Metacritic review by Tomris Laffly
Tomris Laffly
Dec 5, 2019

She (Watts) produced it to show off the range of her obvious talent, and deserves an A for effort in a vehicle that rates a D for dreary, desolate and depressing. The rest of The Wolf Hour deserves an F for forget it.

Rex Reed
Dec 2, 2019

The film is all surface, and its depiction of trauma becomes increasingly exploitative and hollow as it moves along.

Metacritic review by Derek Smith
Derek Smith
Slant Magazine