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Quotes from The Turning

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    • Kate: Where were you hiding?
    • Flora: Like I'd tell.
    • Mrs. Grose: The children are very special Kate. They're thoroughbreds.
    • Miles Fairchild: I know what you're afraid of. Keeping the lights on won't keep you safe.
    • Flora Fairchild: You're going to leave me, aren't you?
    • Kate Mandell: I'm not going anywhere.
    • Flora Fairchild: Promise-promise?
    • Kate Mandell: Cross my heart and hope to die.
    • Kate Mandell: I'm going from twenty-five screaming kids to one little girl. How hard can it be?
    • Mrs. Grose: Flora leaves her dolls lying around everywhere. Don't be surprised if you find a mermaid in your toilet.
    • Kate Mandell: It's so quiet.
    • Mrs. Grose: All the best to hear you when you get lost.
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