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  • The lighter on the rooftop moves on its own.
  • Lisa orders a pizza that is "half Canadian bacon with pineapple, half artichoke with pesto, and light on the cheese." The half-eaten pizza seen later is a plain cheese pizza.
  • The wine glass moves in and out of Lisa's hands.
  • In the first love scene, Lisa takes her hair out of a clip. In the next shot, it's back in the clip. In the next shot, it's out again.
  • When Johnny and Denny throw around a football while talking on the roof, one cut makes it appear that the ball is in the air for several seconds, even though they are only standing about four feet apart.
  • When characters leave the roof via the stairs, they turn left. However, the stairs can't go anywhere because of the layout. This is best highlighted when Mark leaves the roof.
  • During Johnny's rampage, when he knocks over pictures on the fireplace, the closest picture falls and leans on the camera.
  • After Denny's drug altercation, Johnny and Denny switch sides while walking to the roof door.
  • Denny is eating an apple while Johnny and Lisa are upstairs. Denny climbs the spiral staircase with the apple in one hand. In the next scene, Denny climbs to the top of the stairs without the apple.
  • Johnny buys Lisa the roses, and denies that he didn't get the promotion. In the next scene, she is carrying a vase, which she didn't have before she got the roses.
  • Johnny claims that he couldn't cash a check because it was "out of state." However, it is entirely possible to cash an out of state check. Johnny, a banker, should know this.
  • The second love scene includes several obvious shots from the first love scene.
  • The coffee shop scene begins with 2 clips of steaming coffee and pouring milk. The dialogue that plays over the clips is exactly the same as the last customer to order, before Johnny and Mark.
  • When Lisa and Claudette walk in on Mike and Michelle making out, Mike is wearing pants. A minute after Mike and Michelle leave, Mike goes back to get his underwear.
  • All of the living room furniture in Johnny and Lisa's apartment is positioned in such a way that obscures the view of the TV.
  • Freshly-lit candles are beside the bed during the second love scene. However, Johnny and Lisa had been drinking for several hours before they went upstairs, and they were supposed to be so drunk they could barely stand.
  • When Chris-R stands in the doorway leading to the roof, the camera is positioned behind his feet and pans to the right. When it pans right, the wall has no "back". The roof entrance goes from having four walls to three, then back to four.
  • At the coffee shop, Johnny, Mark, and other customers don't pay for their orders at the counter. However, as Johnny leaves, Mark says to him, "It's on me." Presumably, at this shop, customers are supposed to pay before leaving. Mark is not shown leaving.
  • Mark asks Lisa "what's going on" with "the candles [and] the music", but neither music nor candles are present.
  • The TV that Johnny throws through the window hits the ground straight down, which is impossible given the angle at which he throws it.
  • In the scene with Peter and Mark on the roof, the blue box on the wall keeps changing position. In the shots with both Peter and Mark on screen, the front of the box is shown (easily seen by its yellow/golden decoration) and in the close ups of Mark, the back of the box is shown.
  • Carolyn Minnott's surname is misspelled "Minnot" in the closing credits. (It is spelled correctly in the opening credits).
  • When Lisa calls Mark when Johnny is locked in the bathroom, she dials 8 digits, not 7.
  • None of the glass of the window Johnny breaks hits the ground.
  • In the end credits, there is credit given to a "Barista #2", but there is no mention of a "Barista #1"
  • In the "Love is Blind" scene, Johnny is sitting on either a red or white sofa depending on the camera angle.
  • After Claudette bids Lisa goodnight and climbs down the spiral staircase, Lisa leans on the railing, and the entire staircase shifts.
  • Johnny throws the television out the window next to the front door and it appears to land in the alley where he and his friends had tossed the football around. For this to be possible, the front door would also have to open to the alley, leading nowhere. Johnny was previously shown entering the building from the street side; the alley side looks very different and does not appear to have any ground-level doors.
  • Johnny's small apartment could not have any large rooms adjacent to it because it has exterior windows on all 4 sides; despite this, the rooftop set is illogically much larger than the apartment set.
  • The entire wall shakes when Lisa lets go of the doorknob after begging Johnny to come out of the bathroom.
  • The second floor spiral staircase has several steps that must be climbed before descending the main stairs. There is no logical architectural reason for this; the most probable reason for the extra steps is to allow characters to appear to descend the main stairs without the need for an actual opening in the soundstage floor, which would have been more complex and expensive to build.
  • During Johnny's rampage, the throw pillows on the couch inexplicably change position between shots.
  • At the start of his rampage, Johnny yanks the top drawer out of his chest of drawers and throws it across the room, but the drawer is inexplicably back in place when Mark and Lisa arrive later.
  • The second-floor spiral staircase railing dead-ends into the wall rather than continuing down through the floor as a real spiral staircase railing would.
  • The pistol that Chris-R uses to threaten Denny is clearly a BB gun, as evidenced by the hole in the top for the BBs, and by the circular plug in the butt for the CO2 cartridge rather than a rectangular opening for a magazine. However, Chris-R does not fire it, and he effectively uses it to intimidate Denny; he may have deliberately carried an imitation firearm for this purpose, perhaps due to its easy availability, or in an attempt to escape prosecution if he were caught carrying it (carrying a real pistol is a serious crime in California if the person lacks the appropriate license or has a felony record).
  • When Johnny parks his car outside the flower shop, one of the people walking past looks directly at the camera and waves.
  • When Mark and Lisa rush to put on their clothes after someone knocks on the door, Lisa can be seen speaking, but there is no audio. When she says "Hurry up!" a few seconds later, it doesn't match her mouth movements.
  • When Lisa talks with her mother the first time, the actress playing Claudette can be seen glancing momentarily at a cue card right before she delivered the line "and he's getting a promotion very soon"
  • In the first love scene, Johnny is lying on the bed without a coat on. After Denny leaves, in the next shot Johnny is wearing a suit coat.
  • When Mark and Johnny are on the roof, Mark recalls a tale of a "Girl who got beat up so bad she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street". While there is an actual Guerrero Street in San Francisco, there is no hospital.
  • Running up the steps, Mark says "Really, that's great." without his lips moving.
  • The second sex scene is clearly spliced footage of the first one.
  • When Johnny greets Lisa during their first scene, parts of the studio can be seen behind the door as he closes it.


  • When Denny discovers Johnny's dead body, he screams "Tommy!" instead of "Johnny!" Tommy Wiseau played Johnny.
  • Obvious replica gun - when Johnny shoots himself, text reading AIRSTRIKE 240 is plainly visible in close-up on the side of the pistol he uses. The Airstrike 240 is a popular Airsoft replica of the Beretta 92FS.
  • When Mark and Lisa investigate Johnny's suicide, Mark gets blood all over his fingers, but his hand is clean when he embraces Lisa moments later.
  • When Johnny shoots himself, there is no smoke coming out of the handgun.
  • How is it that Johnny's cassette recorder manages to record Lisa and Mark's conversation (wherein Lisa decides to leave Johnny for good) even when it's attached to a different phone in the apartment?
  • Cassette tapes usually have a recording capacity of 90 minutes or 2 hours. However, Johnny's recording device was seemingly able to record for several days using just one tape.
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