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  • As the wife of the Board Walk security guard posts her missing persons poster, another poster is visible which advertises an event at the Santa Cruz County Fair Grounds. For the film, Santa Cruz was renamed Santa Carla to avoid associations with the city and the film's gang-related themes.
  • Shot of the approach to the cave was filmed and then played backwards.
  • When the beach concert star performs his song "I Still Believe", his lips are out of synch to the lyrics.
  • At the beginning of the movie when Michael, Lucy and Sam stop at the gas station, Michael unloads his bike from the back of the trailer. Then, during the montage of locals from Santa Carla there is a shot of the three of them in the car again, and then shortly after they pull up at Grampa's and Michael is riding his bike.
  • The wristwatch clock on the wall advances five minutes after a cutaway when Michael is hovering outside of Sam's window.
  • The security guard at the beginning of the movie holds his cap as he runs in close-up shots, but doesn't in long shots.
  • The credits at the end give credit to the poster hanging on the wall in Sam's room as a still from The Breakfast Club (1985). In fact, this picture of Molly Ringwald in a dark blue shirt sitting in a classroom is not from The Breakfast Club, but instead, from Sixteen Candles (1984).
  • When Sam is first introduced reading the vampire comic, his dog Nanook is on the left side of the bed, but then after when they show the scene were Sam grabs the beaver art, Nanook appeared to be on the right side of the bed.
  • Around one hour into the film, when David and his gang attack a group of people while Michael watches on, one of the victims is the punk with a gray stripe in his hair who was killed earlier in the film.
  • Sam is supposed to be a serious comic book collector. However, during his first encounter with the Frog brothers in the comic book shop, he picks up several comics at the middle of the spine with enough force to bend the spine of the book, the first one pretty severely. Any comic book collector knows that this damages the book and would never pick one up that way. Also, a comic book shop owner would likely go ballistic if a customer handled books this way, or at the very least not let them handle any more books.
  • Just before Michael has his first Vampiric episode, he opens the pouring spout only on the carton of milk with Laddie's picture. Struck by sudden pain, he falls to his knees in front of the refrigerator and spills it. It lands fully open and facing more or less toward the fridge. When Lucy enters the kitchen and discovers the carton later, it's back to pouring spout only and facing directly toward the doorway.
  • Before Star gets on David's motorcycle to go to the cave, she isn't wearing a coat. During the motorcycle processional to the cave, she suddenly appears wearing one. However, she can be seen putting on a coat just before this sequence.
  • Early on, Lucy calls Max (Edward Herrmann) "Ed."
  • When David is first meeting Michael on the Boardwalk, there is a wide shot in which David is clearly saying something to Star - though no audio can be heard. In the next shot of a close up of David, you can hear and see him saying his line.
  • The phone that Michael knocks off the hook when flying around his room rings later.
  • The gate jumps back and forth between broken and mended when the dog jumps against it.
  • The couple in the car reading comics towards the beginning (after stealing a comic from the store), are sat with the comics on the shelf behind them when they hear a noise from outside. Then, when the roof is taken off the car by the vampires and you see the shot from above, they are now sat with all the comics in front of them.
  • When Michael is in his room and he begins to float, his harness is visible.
  • When Sam enters Michael's room after his first encounter with the Lost Boys, Sam opens the blinds to let light in. A second later, light starts pouring in from the bottom right corner of the screen from a mistimed light.
  • Max's jacket is soaked by the Frog Brothers, but can be seen soon after to be dry.
  • When Michael is closing a window in the kitchen preparing for the vampire attack near the end, there's a crew person reflected in the cabinet glass to Michael's left.
  • When Sam wears the concealed garlic necklace to bed with his mother, she exclaims that he smells like garlic. However, the garlic around his neck is still whole in bulbs and would therefore have a very weak scent, if any. It is not until garlic is peeled or crushed that its smell becomes apparent.
  • There are two dogs playing Nanook. Both have widow's peaks, however, one dog's peak extends into a thin stripe between its eyes. The latter is most noticeable during the bathtub scene.
  • In France's french dubbed version, Chance Michael Corbitt's character "Laddie" is called "Lady" throughout the movie - which implies that he... Is a girl.
  • The family is moving to Santa Carla, CA from (presumably)Phoenix, AZ. However in the main titles, as they're driving, the coastline is on their right which would mean they are driving south. If they're driving from Arizona to (again, presumably) Central California , they would never be driving south.
  • In the comic book store, the Frog brothers chase the Surf Nazi's out of the store. After they leave, Sam looks down at the comic they have given him. We can see Alan standing in the shot, exactly where he was before he left.
  • When the vampire gang awaken to fly to Michael's house near the end of the film, they are bare footed, but when they reach and fly into Michael's house, they all have boots on.
  • At the end of the movie when the Vampires come back to get revenge they never asked for permission to enter the home the way MAX did. All Vampires must get permission from the head of the house to enter. The movie never states that vampires need permission to enter the house. Max tells Sam and the Frog Brothers later on that inviting a vampire into their home leaves them powerless. That's why none of the tricks they tried during the spaghetti dinner worked to reveal Max as a vampire.
  • David has stubble and even a short beard up to his final fight with Michael before being thrown on to antlers. When Max looks at David's lifeless body, his face is smooth.
  • When Laddie bursts out of the bed and runs to the wall, Alan Frog says "Holy shit, the attack of Eddie Munster." Eddie Munster is a werewolf, not a vampire.


  • When the Frog brothers and Sam stake one of the vampires, some vampire ooze clearly gets onto the back of Sam's sweater making a big red stain and is there in the next scene. However, when Sam goes into the movie store to warn his mother about the vampires, the big red stain on the back of his sweater is gone.
  • When the boys go to the cave to kill the vampires, the stake used to stab the vampire is clearly telescopic.
  • When David is stabbed by the antlers at the end of the movie there is a close up shot of his face. You can clearly see the line where his makeup eyebrows meet near his eyes.
  • In the "death by stereo" scene, both of the vampire's hands pop off midway through the electrocution. However, after he has exploded, a clothed forearm with an attached hand falls to the ground.
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