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  • WyldStyle and Uni-Kitty are seen falling out of a spaceship with space clothes on, and upon their landing are cornered. The next time they are seen they are still cornered, only wearing their normal clothes.
  • When Emmet goes to buy overpriced coffee, Larry the Barista says, "That's 37 bucks." In the background, there's a woman in a Fabuland T-shirt next to the window. When Emmet replies, "Awesome!" she has moved a (Lego) meter forward and someone is opposite her.
  • The glue on Emmet's back disappears and reappears between shots.
  • After Bad Cop shoots the tracking device onto Emmet's leg, it disappears immediately in the next shot. It suddenly reappears when convenient for the plot.
  • When Emmett is listing off all the names of Sherri's cats as they exit the building, there is one more cat after Jeff who is missed and does not get his name called.
  • When Emmit runs by in his giant construction-themed robot, WyldStyle and Unikitty shout, "Emmit!" - but their faces and mouths do not move to acknowledge him.
  • Rainbows have have the longer wave lengths (Reds, Oranges) on the outside of the rainbow and the shorter wave lengths (Blues, Violets) on the inside of the rainbow. The rainbows in the movie are reversed with the Reds on the inside and the Blues on the outside.
  • When Emmett and Wylstyle land in the Old West, Emmett asks what a Master Builder is, and the words "The Old West" are directly above them. During Emmett's asking or what a Master Builder is, the camera shot changes and the "The Old West" is way in the background.
  • The coloration on President Business's hair is different on the actual figure than it is in the CGI version (note the sideburns).
  • After Bad Cop captures Emmet, he shows him footage of his friends talking about him. Emmet was captured in the evening, and when he escapes it's night, but the footage Bad Cop shows is in daylight. Since Bad Cop is only interested in Emmet because he has the Piece of Resistance (which he discovered only just before capture), there's no reason for Emmet's friends to have been interviewed previously.
  • You see the magician mini figure being captured by bad cop, but then later on in the movie at least twice you see him once in Cloud Cuckoo land and then again in Metal beard's flashback.
  • The cannonballs stored on Metal Beard's back vary in number between shots, and they reappear briefly after he's fired them. At first, he fires all but two, then all are gone, then all the cannonballs reappear before disappearing again.
  • Throughout the movie, Vitruvius clearly sees certain things happen and looks directly at some characters, even though he's supposed to be blind.
  • In the Old West, Wyldstyle is riding a black horse and Emmitt is riding a brown horse. In the brief shot after Wyldstyle repeats herself by telling Emmitt there are other realms outside of Bricksburg, Wyldstyle can be seen riding a brown horse. She goes on to name all the other realms with brief shots of those, and when we return to our heroes, Wyldstyle is again on a black horse.
  • During Metal Beard's tale, the first time they show the Relic Room there is a gummy bear on the pillar between the floppy disc and golf ball, and there is a highlighter behind the golf ball between the key and pen cap. When they zoom in on the battery, it's sitting where the highlighter was and a bottle of white out is where the gummy bear was. (In scenes with Lord Business and Good Cop/Bad Cop, it consistently shows the white out and highlighter in those spots.)
  • When Benny and crew escape Lord Business' tower, the ship that breaks through the wall is made of only three small bricks before momentarily leaving the shot and returning as Benny's Spaceship and crew.
  • Emmet's "hair" goes from having a seam down the middle (where the two halves of plastic were joined), to being seamless several times throughout the movie.
  • Just before the meeting begins, Superman flies away to go back to Krypton. But when Vitruvius begins listing the attending Master Builders at the start of the meeting, he is seen near "Mermaid Lady,". This is because he was just avoiding Green Lantern. He returns moments latter through a window in the background as Emmet and the rest of the party enter the hall.
  • President Business's map of the land (shown after Wyldstyle tells Emmet the history of the partitioning) spells one sector "Pharoah's Quest". Not only is this a common mistake in English, it is also not the correct name of the Lego product, Pharaoh's Quest.


  • When Ghost Vitruvius says "I know that sounds like a cat poster...", he dips down and the platform holding the string is clearly visible for a second. The home media releases uses a alternate zoomed cut to correct this mistake.
  • When The Man Upstairs is almost convinced that his son Finn is right, the camera focuses on just The Man while he's thinking. While some may mistake the flashing red dots on buildings to be the recording lights from the cameras, they are actually reflections of the flashing airplane beacons that are on the tops of several of the Lego skyscrapers in the basement. You can see the beacons in several other long shots of the set. This is not a goof but instead a rather clever detail.
  • Near the end when Wyldstyle is starting her TV speech, there is a guy in a white shirt with a brown beard/mustache who gets frozen by the Kragle, but a few shots later he is on the left unfrozen and moving.
  • When Finn gives Emmet the Piece of Resistance, he places it in his right hand. However, as Emmet is placed in the Magic Portal, the Piece of Resistance is now in his left hand.
  • When President Business becomes Lord Business, his hair piece is removed and replaced with his helmet piece. However, when Emmet forces his way into his lair and knocks his helmet off, his hair piece is underneath.
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