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  • Two or three shots after Miss Froy writes her name on the window the writing is not only different, but in a different place.
  • In the noisy dancing scene above Lockwood's hotel room, the clarinet is shown with the mouthpiece turned with the reed upwards. Normally the mouthpiece is turned so that the reed is downwards, but in some European folk traditions the clarinet was played with the mouthpiece "upside-down".
  • The way Iris leans on her pillow when Gilbert enters her room changes between shots.
  • Just after the train starts out, we see it on a high bridge; behind the locomotive and tender are a van, four passenger cars, and another van. Just after the lady vanishes, an exterior view along the side of the train shows at least five passenger cars, and we were told that there have been no stops.
  • During the club car scene where Dr. Hartz tries to get Gilbert and Iris to drink drugged brandies, the amount of brandy in the snifters varies from shot to shot.
  • The way Charters leans over Caldicott in bed when the maid enters changes between shots.
  • In the opening scene of the movie, the camera tracks downward in an aerial view over the side of a snow-covered mountain to show railroad tracks and the front of a train's locomotive buried by an avalanche, close to a train station in a small mountain village. As the camera passes over the train and four railroad officials standing to the left of it, one of the officials swivels to the left and then to the right, as if he were rotating on a pivot. As the camera moves closer to the ground, away from the train station and along a village street at ordinary eye level, it shows an automobile crossing the far end of a street; the string pulling the automobile along the street is plainly visible for an instant. Both this detail and the movement of the railroad official show that the entire opening scene was shot upon a scale-model miniature set.
  • In Europe, the hotel manager says it is "spring" when talking about the avalanches. However, the two English travelers are trying to get back to England for the Manchester cricket test, which was always played in July.
  • Set in winter, yet when Miss Froy stands at the hotel window to admire the moon and stars, there is a tree branch with thick full living leaves above her head.
  • When the manager comes into Gilbert's room in response to the complaint of noise, Gilbert is playing his clarinet. He removes it from his mouth, and yet another note is played.
  • When the bandaged patient has been taken off the train and the ambulance drivers are exiting the ambulance, the first driver hits his head on the roof of the vehicle on the way out.
  • The train scenes were filmed in England, where trains ride on the left track. In continental Europe (except most of France), where the story is supposed to take place, trains ride on the right track.
  • When the young lady is standing up and pulls the emergency cord to stop the train, she remains in a stable upright position. A sudden stop by a train should have caused her to lose her balance and be flung in the forward direction of the train.


  • After Gilbert wakes Iris from her faint, her engagement ring is missing. In the next cut when they are standing, her ring reappears.
  • When Doctor Hartz holds Iris and Gilbert at gunpoint, he seemingly sits on a seat in the middle of the compartment. When Iris and Gilbert get up after Doctor Hartz leaves, they walk to the door between the compartments and right through where the seat should have been.
  • When Iris is about to hit the still semi-conscious Signor Doppo, for the second time, he cringes before she hits him.
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