The Dark Knight Movie Poster

Photos & Videos for The Dark Knight


  • Trailer for Blu-ray/DVD release of most recent Batman installment


  • Clip: He can't endure this
  • Behind the scenes: Gary Oldman as James Gordon
  • Clip: They're all going to come after you
  • Interview: Aaron Eckhart "On Christian Bale as Batman"
  • Clip: You can't ask me to wait for that
  • Clip: There's a Batman
  • Clip: Break in
  • Interview: Christian Bale "On the complications of having power"
  • Clip: Batman has no limits
  • Behind the scenes: Jumping the Batmobile Tumbler
  • Clip: May I suggest a travel agent
  • Clip: This town deserves a better class of criminal
  • Clip: If you're not getting shot at you're not doing your job.
  • Clip: We need Lau back
  • Clip: One day Batman will have to answer for the laws he's broken
  • Clip: I've heard all about you
  • Interview: Christopher Nolan "On Batman's emotional state at the beginning of the movie"