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  • After Kelly Leak's homerun gives the Bears their first win of the season (against the White Sox) the footage of the Bears celebrating at home plate around Kelly shows a Yankee catcher. This footage was actually from the alternate ending which had the Bears winning the final game against the Yankees.
  • After Tanner has a fight with a Yankee Player at the snack bar, he is placed in a garbage can by the Yankee Player. Lupus picks up Tanner's hat and places it in Tanner's lap right side up. The next shot shows the hat in his lap upside down.
  • During the championship game, the player's shadows alternate between being cast towards the outfield and towards the first base line.
  • When the Bears are playing the Yankees in the championship game, you can hear the announcer state that the bears are leading 1-0. However, a later shot of the scoreboard shows that the Yankees were actually the first team to score.
  • In the dugout, during the final game against the Yankees, Coach Buttermaker's beer switches from a 16-ounce can of Coors, to a brown glass bottle of Lucky Lager, and back again to Coors, all within a matter of seconds.
  • Water level in bucket when Amanda is icing her elbow after A's game.
  • Right before Buttermaker bunts, Englebert's hat and mask are on his head but in the next shot the hat is gone.
  • When Kelly is playing air hockey before Amanda comes in, the cigarette goes from his mouth to his hand, depending on the angle of the shot.
  • When Rudi Stein is first asked by Buttermaker to let himself get hit by a pitch, he is following Kelly Leak in the batting order (Kelly had just been walked intentionally). When he's asked the second time, he's following Ahmad in the batting order.
  • Several times during the course of the movie, the league standings are displayed, but the numbers shown are mathematically impossible. The total number of wins and losses for all teams in a baseball league must be even (since there is a winner and loser of each game). But every time the standings are shown in this film, those numbers don't match. In one scene, the standings show every team with a .500 record or better, which cannot happen mathematically.
  • When the Bears play the Athletics the game before the championship game, the scoreboard says the home team is winning 1-0 the first time we see it. The second time we see it, the visitors are winning 1-0. The third time we see it, the home team is winning 2-1.
  • The positioning of the logo on the front-right Budweiser can changes from shot to shot after the game with the Athletics when Amanda is icing down her right elbow.
  • On picture day, Buttermaker has his arms crossed trying to hide his beer. He then has his arms uncrossed as the photographer snaps the picture. When the camera cuts back, he is again standing in the original pose, with arms crossed trying to hide the beer.
  • In the championship game the Yankees' pitcher was allowed to remain in the game despite the manager making his second trip to the mound in an inning. The first trip was to discuss strategy and the second trip was to strike the pitcher after he threw at a Bears' batter.
  • Poster in the equipment room has multiple misspellings of "equiptment".
  • Against the Athletics, Rudy Stein is up to bat and hits a fly ball to right field for the final out of the game. However, when he's at bat, you can clearly see that it's only 5-0 in the bottom of the 2nd inning. In the very next shot, the scoreboard reads 18-0.
  • During Amanda's first pitching stint against the Mets, the announcer says, "First up for the Mets, Roy Close, #7, left field." However, the back of his jersey is briefly seen, and he's wearing #3.
  • After losing an air hockey match to Kelly, Amanda must go to a Rolling Stones concert with him. The movie takes place in 1976 yet The Rolling Stones did not play in or around the Los Angeles area until 1978. And that was at Anaheim Stadium. Their previous L.A. appearance was in July, 1975.
  • After Kelly Leak gets his last hit against the Yankees in the championship game he runs to first. As he rounds first base he has to swerve to his left to avoid hitting the camera that is set up to get the shot.
  • When Buttermaker first pulls up to the ballpark he cracks open a can of beer and pours out the foam to make way for some whiskey to be added. No alcoholic would ever waste beer by pouring out the foam, instead of drinking it to make room for the liquor.
  • When Buttermaker visits Amanda out where she's selling "Maps to Stars Homes" for the second time, he uses reverse psychology on her to get her to join the team. Amanda gets irritated & calls him "Boilermaker" instead of "Buttermaker" as she falls for his sneaky tactic.
  • In the dugout scene when Buttermaker is icing down Amanda's arm, a close-up of the bucket shows 9 Budweisers floating inside. In subsequent shots he pulls out 11 beers and places them on the bench. The next shots show only 7 of them sitting next to the bucket.
  • Around 00:35:40, a kid is wearing a t-shirt with a french flag on it but colors are inverted : the french's flag is blue-white-red (not red-white-blue); It's not a mirror effect cause we can read the word "FRANCE".
  • While in the equipment room a sign says "No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed" yet Buttermaker is drinking a can of Budweiser inside the equipment room.
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