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  • There are two tennis balls on the court when Guy is warming up, but they are gone when the game starts.
  • When Bruno is kicking Guy on the merry-go-round, he is not holding the cigarette lighter, but when he dies, he has it in his hand.
  • When Bruno takes a taxi from the Anthony house in Arlington, Virginia, to travel to Union Station in Washington, the taxi crosses a bridge over the Potomac River, which separates Virginia and Washington, D.C. The taxi is crossing the bridge in the wrong direction, because the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument (located in D.C.) are shown through the rear window of the taxi.
  • When Guy is in Bruno's house, the beam of the flashlight is not consistent between the shot of Guy looking at the map, and the upward shot of Guy looking around to get his bearings.
  • During the initial conversation on the train, Bruno's cigarette vanishes from his mouth mid-sentence.
  • When Guy is on the train returning to Metcalf (after the tennis match) you can see over his shoulder that the sun has almost completely set - but the next scene shows Bruno (in line to go back to the island) looking up to see the full sun in the sky.
  • The hand that grasps the cigarette lighter in the drain has shorter fingernails than Bruno's hand, as is evident when Bruno's hand is opened in the final fairground scene.
  • Tennis match played before the end of the movie is clearly put together from 2 different games - you can see those are different tennis courts and also stadiums.
  • When Hennessey and Hammond follow Guy to the station, they see him at the ticket booth. As they carry on to follow him, several people in the background walking through the station and going up the escalator can be seen looking and pointing towards the camera and crew.
  • When Guy arrives in Metcalf to head off Bruno, he walks up to a taxi and tells the driver, "Amusement park - quick," but the line has clearly been dubbed by a different actor.
  • When Bruno arrives at the Metcalf train station with the cigarette lighter in hand, a background sign for "Ray's Danbury Diner - Low Prices" can be glimpsed in the background. (The scene was filmed at the Danbury train station.) A minute later, the sign reads "Ray's Metcalf Diner".
  • When Guy says "Oh, excuse me" after accidentally bumping Bruno's foot in the opening scene in the train's club car, his voice has plainly been dubbed by another actor.
  • As Bruno approaches the fairground, following Miriam, the position of his hands changes between shots, from clasped behind his back, to lighting a cigarette.
  • A crew member is reflected in the car door when the two detectives get out of the car at the station they have chased Guy to.
  • When the detectives lose Guy outside the Forest Hills tennis stadium, they are shown standing on a curb, with a black car parked down the street behind them, before Hennesey dashes out across the street and flags down another vehicle. When he jumps in and asks the woman in the back seat to let them follow Guy's cab, the same street and parked black car are seen through that vehicle's rear window, even though that car was plainly stopped coming from a different street and a different direction.
  • Except for the first few rows of real humans up front, the rest of the tennis fans in the stands are fake; they are painted on a mural of some kind.
  • Bruno has fingernails that were a little long. After his mother gives him a manicure and asks if she cut them too short, it appears that his nails never got worked on at all.
  • When Bruno is speaking French to the Darvilles, and is interrupted by Barbara, there is a jump cut on Guy's face as he approaches Barbara.
  • When Bruno is following Miriam on the carousel, the speed of the background is not consistent with the next shot when the carousel is coming to a stop.
  • When Guy is having a conversation with Professor Collins on the train, the drunk man's legs appear to switch from being crossed to uncrossed in a subsequent shot.
  • When Guy goes to the Morton house after being interrogated by the police, Barbara's placement on the couch varies.
  • When the two body guards are chasing after Guy, they stop on a street where the shadows in the background are cast to look like the sun is shining from above. However, when the two body guards are standing next to each other, they cast shadows on each other as if the light is coming from the front of them.
  • During the Forest Hills tennis match, Guy's shadow moves from behind him, to in front of him, to his left, and to his right, even within a given game. Curiously, his shadow is always long, regardless of direction, so none of these shots were made during midday.
  • Early in the film, when the train pulls into the station, the NHRR coaches are the newer, smooth sided coaches, commonly referred to as American Flyer Coaches, because they were modeled by American Flyer, which was located in New Haven. When the passengers exited the train, the coaches were the older coaches, referred to as Heavy Weight Coaches.
  • When Bruno drops the lighter down the sewer, he tells the bystanders, he needs help retrieving his cigarette CASE. Perhaps Bruno thought it would sound more important if he said he'd dropped a case rather than a mere lighter.
  • Bruno strains to the limit to reach the lighter at the bottom of the drain, but when he grasps it, he does it with ease with no sign of strain at all.
  • When Guy arrives in Washington D.C. at night, the illuminated capitol dome is visible in the background. The dome 'vibrates' (compare with tree in the middle ground), revealing the shot to be assembled footage.
  • Obvious double playing the final match instead of Guy.
  • After Guy has passed the dog on the stairs and proceeds, a shadow is seen moving out of the frame at the bottom of the next stairs.
  • Behind the photographers just before the start of the tennis match we can see a scoreboard showing a completed 5-set match.
  • Guy arrives at the amusement park late because a long-running tennis match delayed him. It would have been a simple matter for him to lose the match quickly.
  • When Guy is walking past the Lincoln Memorial with the detective, he sees Bruno watching him from atop the memorial's steps. He immediately suggests they take a taxi because it is late. They walk across the street and get into a cab parked in front of the Jefferson Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial is over a mile from the Lincoln Memorial and in the opposite direction in which they were walking. Across the street from the Lincoln Memorial is the Reflecting Pool. The cab should have been there with the Washington Monument far in the background.
  • Bruno stops at a lunch stand when he returns to the amusement park for the climax. The young girl in the hat sips nonstop on her straw but the level of drink in the glass doesn't change.
  • When Bruno is riding on the merry-go-round, his hands change position between camera cuts.
  • When Bruno is riding on the merry-go-round following Miriam, his hands change position between camera cuts.
  • The whole idea behind the perfect murder scheme of Bruno's is that he and Guy are perfect strangers and don't know each other. Bruno then starts showing up around Guy in Washington, including at parties and public places, to try to coerce him into fulfilling the plot and killing his dad. This occurs even while Guy is walking with his police escort. Bruno also phones Guy repeatedly. This totally contradicts them being strangers with no links and doing the perfect crisscross murders.
  • Toward the end, at the merry-go-round, Guy tells Bruno that the man with him is the Chief of Police, but Guy addresses the man as Captain Turley. A Chief of Police is never addressed by a different rank or title, even in a smaller police department. A Chief is always addressed as "Chief" - in this case, "Chief Turley".
  • The map Bruno draws of his house does not quite match the set. The set has the hallway with the father's bedroom meeting the staircase at a 90 degree angle, while the map shows it being offset, so that a person would have to walk around a corner, passing another set of stairs leading further up.
  • Around 00:54:11, Bruno says "Tell me, Judge..." but his lips don't move.
  • When Bruno rushes to the train station, his cab is going the wrong way on the Arlington Bridge., away from the monuments. H possibly chose this because the correct direction would have given him depressed Rosslyn.


  • As Bruno is hurrying back to his boat after strangling Miriam on the island, he passes other couples laying on the grass as the voices of Miriam's boyfriends are heard calling for her. When the boys find her dead and begin shouting for help, these bystanders jump up in alarm and react to their cries. But many of them jump up several seconds earlier, while the boyfriends are still heard playfully calling Miriam, clearly because the soundtrack and the film were not matched and edited properly.
  • When Miriam's glasses drop to the ground as Bruno strangles her, they land softly on the grass and don't break. However after the struggle, when he reaches down to pick them up they are seen to be cracked in one of the lenses.
  • When Bruno gets back into his boat after strangling Miriam, he sits down and pulls a lever to put the boat in reverse. At this point you can clearly see a harness attached to the stern tighten and pull the boat backwards from the dock.
  • In Miriam's murder scene, her glasses fall to the grass and the left lens is cracked. When Bruno gives the glasses to Guy, the right lens is cracked.
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