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Sorry To Bother You is a lot of things: political yet personal, wildly funny and deeply frightening, familiar yet utterly surreal. This mesmerizing debut feature from musician Boots Riley takes place in an alternate version of present-day Oakland and tells the story of Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield), a young black man who lands a cubicle job as a telemarketer. He quickly learns, however, that success in his new gig depends on mastering a technique known as the “white voice”. His friends want to form a union, his girlfriend (Tessa Thompson) wants to start a revolution, and his bosses want to utilize his newfound talents in bigger and better ways. And Cassius? He mostly wants to move out of his uncle’s garage. This film is an unforgettable, absurdist journey with something to say – and a lot of surprises along the way. The cast also includes Armie Hammer, Terry Crews, Steven Yeun, Omari Hardwick, Jermaine Fowler, Danny Glover, and the voices of David Cross and Patton Oswalt.


  • Lakeith Stanfield
  • Tessa Thompson
  • Jermaine Fowler
  • Omari Hardwick
  • Terry Crews
  • Kate Berlant
  • Michael X. Sommers
  • Danny Glover
  • Steven Yeun
  • Armie Hammer

Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

I'm not too sure what was going on. Throughout the movie, I was asking myself, "am I high right now?"

Philip Anthony K
Verified Review

the very first movie this year where I wanted my money back. so disorienting and beyond repair nothing could save that. definitely would not recommend to anyone, go see Ant-Man and the wasp.

Evan L


Jul 6, 2018

Sorry to Bother You is so smart and so potent for so long — and so inventive yet thoughtfully measured in its use of the absurd — that the flaws simply give way. You don’t remember the endings of dreams, after all — just the parts that left you in a pool of your own sweat.

Metacritic review by Inkoo Kang
Inkoo Kang

While the filmmaking is raw, undisciplined and groaning under a cargo of self-conscious quirks, it scores points for originality and wacky creativity

Metacritic review by David Rooney
David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter

Riley so wants to make strong criticisms about everything from racial stereotyping to corporate greed that he forgets the need for a real person to root for at the story’s core.

Anthony Kaufman
Screen Daily