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  • During Ned's striptease during the championship game, the band members are clapping when seen in the long shots, but their music is still playing.
  • In one of the game scenes, a shot shows one of the Hanson's passing the puck (ultimately assisting on a goal), yet Dunlop had not yet allowed any of the three Hansons to play.
  • During the game when Dunlop learns the team is folding, the newly acquired Hanson brothers are missing from the bench, even though they were dressed and ready in the locker room beforehand. They also cannot be on the ice, as Dunlop has not yet allowed them to play.
  • Ned Braden performs a striptease during the championship game fight. We see that his underwear is a "union suit" - a one piece outfit with short sleeves and short legs that buttons down the front and has a flap in the buttocks region. However, after he sits atop a goal net, somehow he has removed that article of clothing without removing the jockstrap which he was wearing over the union suit.
  • In the opening hockey sequence, a Chiefs player is shown taking a slap shot, which appears to strike the sliding opposing defender in the groin, then there is a cut which shows a Chiefs playing writhing in pain from a groin injury
  • Just after the wives discuss the "Great Ideas of the World" set, Jean-Guy Drouin chases a player behind the net and when they come out the other side, a director in skates and a couple members of his crew can be seen on the ice in the corner of the rink.
  • The amount of beer in Dunlop's glass changes when he sees his wife come into the bar and then asks her to dance.
  • When Reg fakes reading the paper to stage "bumping into" Francine, his right hand moves from holding the paper under his left arm to not holding it between shots.
  • The deck of cards between Braden and Dunlop (in front of the airline carrier bag when they are on the team bus) changes positions in each successive shot.
  • The positioning of the sheet covering Reggie when he is in bed with Hanrahan's wife changes between shots.
  • When the Chiefs come back to the locker room between periods during the championship game, the Chiefs' goalie begins yelling, but his lips are not moving.
  • Reggie Dunlop leaves a tavern to go record a radio interview. When he leaves the bar, he announces that the interview will air on the radio later that day at four o'clock. During the interview, he states that he will offer a "bounty" for the first Chiefs player to assault the other team's captain on the ice in the upcoming game. After the interview, Dunlop goes home and tries to get some sleep. He listens to his own interview on the radio, including the remark about the bounty. After he turns off the radio and tries to go to bed to have a nap, the clock on his bedside table reads a quarter to four, fifteen minutes before the interview was supposed to air.
  • When Dunlop takes the Hansons to the hotel, he tells them that the team is on the road at 8:00 a.m. However, when the bus leaves, it is clearly at nighttime.
  • In the scene where the goalie is being interviewed, he talks about going to the penalty box. Some have mistaken that he is talking about himself, as goalies never go to the penalty box, but he is in fact simply discussing the different kinds of penalties a hockey player can go into the penalty box for committing.
  • During the championship game, cardboard cutouts to fill in the "crowd" can be clearly seen in the upper levels of the arena.
  • A major plot point of Slap Shot is that the Chiefs are drawing almost nobody to their games, but the Hansons draw them in with their style of play when they start in games later on. However, during the game when the Hansons are allowed to play for the first time, the arena is full of screaming fans who cheer every move by the Hansons.
  • In the opening sequences introducing the players, Ned Braden can be seen wearing blue gloves as he stands by the boards. When he skates out for the introduction, he is wearing old brown gloves. When the next player is introduced, he can be seen wearing new matching blue gloves again.
  • Through out the course of the movie, Reggie Dunlop has the team, the media, and the public duped into believing that the team is being sold to a retirement community in Florida. However, at no time does Joe McGrath, who, as G.M. of the team, has a working relationship with the owner, ever make a public comment, or stop Reggie Dunlop from perpetrating the lie. Nor does anyone know who the owner is until Dunlop blackmails him into getting the owner's name. At some point prior, the media had to know who the owner was, certainly the names of the ownership group would have been in the team's program and media guide.
  • When the Hansons first take the ice, the drink can on Jim Carr's (announcer) desk changes from Fanta to Coca Cola and back again several times.
  • In the scene where the goalie is being interviewed, he illustrates various penalties with his stick. What he refers to as "spearing" is really the penalty "butt-ending". Spearing involves jabbing with the blade of the stick, butt-handing is jabbing with the handle (knob) end of the stick.
  • During the opening hockey game sequence, when the drunk player on the opposing team gets checked into the boards, the players on the Chiefs bench laugh at him. There is one player on the Chiefs bench though who never appears in the movie again, and appears only for that one single shot in the film.
  • The goalie Lemieux in the interview in the opening has a Cooper brand stick, then on the game vs Hainesport he used a Louisville stick.
  • During the Charlestown/Hyannisport game, #7 of Hyannisport (current Minnesota Wild coach Bruce Boudreau), is shown on the ice, celebrating a goal. In the next shot, which is a line change, #7 is shown leaving the bench to go onto the ice.
  • In the 1st game of the movie there is a shot of the Chiefs bench laughing at the drunk player who accidentally urinates himself. In that shot, you see a Cheifs player that isn't shown in the rest of the movie. Many people regard this as a movie error. But in reality it's not uncommon for a person to play only one game for a minor league hockey game.
  • Johnnys helmet of the Cheifs changes from a Northland style, made famous by NHL great Stan Mikita, to a style of a model Cooper 600. Hockey players aren't known to swich to different essential equipment.
  • During the several shots of Reg lying down in his bed after putting a bounty on Tim McCracken's head, it's clearly visible that his bed has a nightstand and walking room on the right side. However, after Lily arrives, there are two shots of the bed (clearly a different bed no less) flush against the far (right-side) wall.
  • Player Drouin #14 in the opening scene game against Hyannisport, was shown holding a opposing player in front of the his goaltender, then show him sitting on the bench a second later.
  • While traveling on the team bus, many of the players are drinking Stroh's, while in the next shot they're drinking Budweiser.
  • At the bar many of the players are drinking Stroh's or Schlitz but in the next shot they're drinking Budweiser or Iron City Beer.


  • In the climactic championship game, the Chiefs are surprised by the identities of the players the other team brings out. However, in all franchise team sports leagues no players can be utilized in the playoffs unless they are present on a team's roster by a date in the regular season known as the Trading Deadline.
  • Despite Reggie Dunlop's efforts which lead to the Chiefs making a profit, the owner insists on dismantling the team. However, in all franchise team sports leagues this requires league consent, which would certainly not be granted to a club operating in the black. Despite the team Turning a profit the viability of the team would be in question considering that the local plant, which employed the majority of the people who lived in the city, would be of concern for the league. The logical move would be to either suspend operations of the team, or relocate it to another city. The fact that the team briefly turned a profit is a moot point.
  • When Ned Braden does his striptease during the Championship game, he takes his jersey off and he is not wearing elbow pads which he would have had on since he was on the ice earlier in the game.
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