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  • On his approach to Chief Inspector Lee's, Detective James Carter's Corvette has chrome wheels, and in the following shot of Lee opening his front door to Carter, the Corvette has black wheels.
  • When James Carter takes the joint away from the man at the pool hall, the joint changes size.
  • When Juntao walks out of the control room, he grabs two cases of money, but when reaches the top of the ladder in the Expo Center, he only has one.
  • When Lee and Carter are driving in the Corvette listening to The Beach Boys, there is a brief shot of the steering column and there are no keys in the ignition.
  • Reflected in one of the blast shields during the bomb disposal training.
  • When Carter finds Sang in the room where the money is counted, the wounded FBI Agent is shown twice. The first time, his gun is holstered, and the second time there is no gun.
  • The blood on Soo-Yung's face after her driver and bodyguard are shot.
  • When Lee is on the bus, and jumps on the Hollywood street sign, it is clearly not attached to the overhead traffic light. In the following shots, the crane holding the sign for the stunt is visible.
  • As Lee and Carter are sliding down the steps of the Foo Chow Chinese Restaurant, after fighting in the upper room, you see a bullet hole in the wall, which is clearly not on the wall in the next shot.
  • When Carter pulls the guy off the motorcycle, and he jumps on and takes off in pursuit, there's the sound of shifting gears, yet his foot is not on the gear shift.
  • When Carter picks up the tapestry, some of the fallen bills are lying on it. When Lee slides down, the money is gone.
  • When James Carter arrives to be briefed as an FBI agent, his Corvette has a mag wheel on the right front. The next time we see his car, it has spoked wheels all around.
  • When Captain Diel is telling Carter about the case he states that the Consul's little girl is ten but when Lee and Carter are at the jail talking to Clive, Lee tells Clive that the little girl is eleven. Lee is using the Chinese method of counting ages, where a person's age is calculated as "1" when you are beginning your first year of life, i.e., when you are born. This contrasts with most Western cultures, in which you are "1" at the end of your first year.
  • The motorcycle being ridden by James Carter sounds like it changes gears when his feet are in the air.
  • During the fight in the Chinese Restaurant, Carter is restrained by Juntao's thugs. When Lee enters and successfully fights the guards, both Carter's captors go to help. One punches Carter, and proceeds to pick up a safe/box on the wooden/glass table. However, when Carter reacts by kicking the table and tripping the running captor, the man falls, and the box has disappeared from his hands. No signs of him dropping the box or it being thrown are seen.
  • When Clive's Jaguar explodes on the road, a camera is visible in the middle of the road.
  • When Lee tries to escape from Carter, the yellow cab changes from a Crown Victoria to a Caprice and back to a Crown Victoria again.
  • The same store is passed twice when Carter jumps on the bus after catching Detective Lee.
  • Camera reflected in the window of one of the van's rear doors as Carter opens them up to get Soo-Yung out of it.
  • When Lee gets on the bus outside Grauman's Chinese Theater he travels a short distance and then the bus turns a corner, it travels a few blocks before Lee exits by grabbing a street sign. The sign is for Hollywood. However Grauman's Chinese Theater is on Hollywood, and the bus had supposedly traveled some distance before he got off.
  • When Tania Johnson answers her AT&T cordless phone, it makes the error noise that indicates the base is disconnected or out of range, yet she uses it as if having a normal conversation.
  • $50M in the demanded a combination of $10, $20, and $50 bills would be over 2 million bills and weigh several tons. It would clearly not fit into a couple of suitcases.
  • When Tania Johnson hangs up on Carter we hear a dial tone. It's a useful cinematic device to accentuate the hanging-up moment, but you don't hear a dial tone on a cell phone.
  • In the Billiard Hall at the beginning of the fight, Lee goes to grab a barstool with his feet and it has a bright red seat cover and round metal legs. Right before he hits the bartender, it changes to a dull red seat cover and black painted two by fours for the legs.
  • When Carter arrives at the Consul's mansion and we see Carter's Stingray in the background as we walks over the door threshold, the wheels are different than the wheels before-when he threw the keys to the agent and told him to 'take care of it'.
  • The United Airlines Boeing 747 is a newer model 747 (the 747-400). Yet the stairs shown in the aircraft belongs to the earlier model 747 (the 747-100 and 747-200).
  • During the final battle, Lee's tuxedo suspenders change from x-back to y-back to x-back again.
  • Toward the end of the movie we see a news van with "channel 8" and call letters on them that start with "W." Television stations in Los Angeles and any city west of the Mississippi River have call letters that start with "K" and not "W."
  • When Carter is posing for the tourists' photos on the bus, the badge he shows them is pretty small in size. Later, when Carter and Lee put their hands up to the cab driver pointing a gun at them, Carter shows the driver his badge, which is significantly larger than the badge he was wearing on the bus.
  • When Lee breaks into the consul, during the fight with Whitney, the door is open at the start of the fight, yet it is closed (seconds later) when Consul Han opens the door to tell Russ that it is Lee.
  • When Carter first meets with the F.B.I., he introduces himself as "James Carter, F.B.I." He should have said, "James Carter, L.A.P.D." This is Carter being cocky and thinking he is now actually working for the F.B.I.
  • When the building explodes, a camera crew is visible on the rooftop to the left.
  • The ransom of $50 million, in the denominations requested by the kidnapper, would total 2,400,000 individual bills. That amount would never fit into two suitcase. Moreover, that amount of money would weigh more than 5200 pounds.
  • When Carter is picking Lee up from the airport, you can see Lee turn to his left and right saying "xie xie" which means thank you. However when the camera angle changes you can see that there is no one there.
  • C4 explosive (in the boot of the car at the beginning) cannot be detonated by gunshot.
  • Some viewers incorrectly perceived that there is a Vietnamese flag inside the home of Consul Han who represents China. There is no Vietnamese flag in the Chinese Consul's home. Two flags are correctly displayed in the Consul's home, the Hong Kong flag (white flower on red field) and the flag of the People's Republic of China (one large and four small yellow stars on a red field). PRC had just taken back Hong Kong from the British. While at some angles these flags hanging limp may look a bit like the Vietnamese flag (a single yellow star on a red field), they are distinctly Chinese and Hong Kong flags.
  • Near the start, when the 'cop' directing traffic directs the Mercedes off to the right, the Honda Accord in front changes from light blue to dark brown between shots
  • In the event that the daughter of a Chinese diplomat was abducted on U.S. soil, the State Department (particularly the Diplomatic Security Service) would have full priority over the matter and not the F.B.I. as depicted in this movie.
  • When calling Tania, you can see a yellow light to Chris Tucker's left side while driving. This would indicate that he blew the red light. Upon a new angle just moments later, the intersection isn't visible, and a plethora of cars would have ran the light as well.
  • When Lee and Carter escape from the Foo Chow restaurant Lee pulls the necklace off a Chinese girl, the necklace should've snapped. Yet later he puts the necklace on Soo Yung as if it's been fixed. Lee wouldn't have getting it fixed in that time since his only main concern was saving Soo Yung.
  • When Carter (Tucker) and Lee (Chan) are getting to know each other at the beginning, Lee reveals to Carter that Juntao killed his partner (after Carter questions the very existence of Juntao). Yet, towards the end when Juntao is on the stage, after taking over for Consul Han, it takes Lee a while to recognize that it is actually Juntao. This could mean that Lee has only ever heard about Juntao's exploits but has never actually seen him before. It's safe to say that at the end, Lee connects the dots and finally has a face to match with the name.
  • After Carter and Lee fall through the bridge the camera crew is reflected on the car that tries to run them over.
  • Chris Tucker commandeers a Moto Guzzi motorbike (probably a V65 Lario), but the soundtrack has the purr of a straight four instead of the throb of a V twin.
  • The audience later learns that Griffith is Juntao. Inspector Lee mentions to Carter that he saw Juntao and that he killed his (Inspector Lee's) partner. If he knew this all along, why didn't he mention it to Han at the banquet (which Griffith was present) celebrating the handover? After all, Han is Lee's personal friend.
  • Soo-Yung loses her necklace on the floor of the limo when she is abducted, but later Lee sees the necklace on a waitress in the Chinese restaurant and recovers it.


  • Just before Juntao falls to his death in the exhibition building, Carter is shown stuffing a handful of cash into his shirt. A moment later, after Juntao has fallen and Carter rushes to catch Lee with the banner, all of the money has disappeared from his shirt.
  • The exploding vest on the girl is disabled by cutting one of three wires going into a BNC type connector. The BNC connector has only one center pin and a ground so it would never have three wires going into it, other than as a convenient way to make a splice. if it was a splice of two wires, cutting one would have no effect.
  • During the final shootout scene at the LA Convention Center, Juntao calls for a position report of the helicopter inbound to pick him up. When the camera cuts to the helicopter, a Eurocopter AS-355 "Twinstar" is shown. Later when Juntao makes a second radio call to the helicopter to instruct the pilot to pick him up on the roof, the camera cuts to a shot of a helicopter hovering above the convention center. The helicopter shown is an Augusta Westland A-109 Power or a variant of that type.
  • In the final battle at the Chinese Art Exhibition, Lee uses his foot to get hold of a metal pole (one of the kind that a velvet rope is hooked to) and then uses it to smack a henchman in the face. As the villain is hit, the metal pole has lost all of its luster and bends slightly as it flies through the air, showing that it is made out of rubber.
  • Near the end of the movie, when Lee is falling from the roof of the Expo, a whole camera crew is visible in the background
  • At the end, when Soo Yung is returned to her father and Carter is going on vacation, the two FBI agents offer carter a job, saying "there is a badge waiting" for him. FBI agents cannot make civilians or even police officers agents just on a say-so. All FBI candidates have to go through the same training as everyone else who is eligible.
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