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Goofs from Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

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  • In Wreck-It Ralph (2012), Mr. Litwak's name is listed on his nametag as Stan. In this film, it's listed as Del.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog once said that if a character dies in a different game that they wouldn't be able to regenerate, and yet when Ralph and Vanellope were in "Tron" they froze as if they were about to die. However, the crash of their light-cycles in the game did not technically kill them. They were merely frame-frozen in mid-air due to the virus affecting that part of the game.
  • In Wreck-It Ralph (2012), we learn that if a game character does not show up in his game during working hours of the arcade and it's noticed by the patrons, the game is taken out of order and could be unplugged forever. However, the events where Ralph and Vanelope are in the internet take at least 24 hours and yet neither of their respective games are taken out of order. Unless, of course, the Vanellope and Ralph clones from "Kingdom Hearts III" were temporarily drafted to cover for their originals. Also, Vanellope's game was already out of order due to the steering wheel breaking.
  • In the first film, where Ralph meets Vanellope, it's the 30th anniversary of the Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade game. But in this film, Ralph says that he met her after he'd been around for 27 years.
  • When Shank accepted Vanellope to be in Slaughter Race, she didn't program Vanellope's code into the game, although the game is extremely dangerous; therefore making Vanellope vulnerable to the virus. However, after the climax, it was revealed that Shank had been able to put Vanellope's code into the game. Shank may have included Vanellope's code only after the climax event, maybe a few minutes before that scene.
  • When Ralph rips Snow White's dress it shows his bare midriff, yet he was still wearing his own clothes when he landed in it.
  • Ralph takes the bidding on eBay to $27,000 by bidding against himself. To prevent accidents on eBay, any effort to out-bid yourself only resets your High Bid limit. If the price is $300 and the same person bids again, the winning bid is still $300 until someone else bids higher. Also, there is an increment rule. If the bid is $300 and you bid $400, your High Bid limit is $400 and the current bid becomes $301. (Unless someone else has a High Bid limit that is greater.)
  • After the virus makes copies of Ralph, it's not accounted for anymore. By its programming, it should continue to look for more insecurities and replicate it in the internet until someone or something stopped it, which is not shown in the movie.
  • When Vanellope first arrives in the internet and searches Knowsmore for the steering wheel he returns a single search result at eBay. When she clicks the link, it takes her to the main landing page at eBay.com. She is then forced to try to find the steering wheel among the other auctions. In reality, clicking that link would have taken her directly to that auction. We don't know if Knowsmore provides deep links or just links to the front page.
  • In the first film, the Sugar Rush arcade cabinet had two seats, steering wheels and screens for co-op gameplay. In this film, the Sugar Rush cabinet has only one seat, wheel and screen.
  • In Wreck-It Ralph (2012), the Sugar Rush game is shown being a double console game with two steering wheels and two seats. In this movie the game is a completely different console: standing version with only one steering wheel. There is no mention of this console change, of the game being unplugged and replaced. This was an obvious change for the main plot of a broken steering wheel, but inconsistent with the original movie and unexplained.
  • In the deleted scene "Into the Internet", from the earlier version of the movie, the wi-fi router is placed at the top of the Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade cabinet. In the final version itself (also in the sweatbox portion of that particular deleted scene) the router is placed at the top of the Dragon's Lair (1990) arcade cabinet.
  • Near the ending of Wreck-It Ralph (2012), all the Cy-bugs from Hero's Duty (including King Candy/Turbo) has been permanently erased in the invasion using Mentos in Diet Cola Hot Springs. In this movie, the Hero's Duty arcade cabinet is gone, possibly because of the movie's permanent abolishment of the Cy-bugs.
  • When Yesss can't access the internet she gets on the phone and yells, "get me tech support stat!". Technical support just helps people figure out how to use their software. She would need a network administrator, a much higher skill level. In general, technical support provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service. Internet is a service and thus the call for tech support is legit.
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