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  • When the countess arrives at the front door, the door knocker is heard so Cyril goes to open the door. The countess is climbing the steps and no one else is at the door to do the door knocking when Cyril opens the door.
  • When Woodcock is driving Alma home in his car at night we see the trees behind the car apparently illuminated by the car headlights.
  • in the film's opening scene with reynolds leaving a room; he is shown putting a cigar to his mouth. in the next shot with him on the other side of the door, the cigar has immediately vanished.
  • During a scene set in a hotel room a modern blue "Fire door keep shut" sign can be seen on a door in the background.
  • On his trip through the countryside when Reynolds stops to load gasoline, the lights of the pumps are on and in the next shot, off. Also by the ambient light it is evident that it was filmed at two different times of the day.
  • When Alma takes off her shoes in Woodcock's bedroom, she leaves them by the door. When Cyril enters the room, she steps over the shoes, but when Cyril leaves, the shoes have changed position and Cyril also seems to trip over them.
  • When the countess tries the dress she puts her glasses on to take a look in the mirror. The next shot Reynolds is approaching her and she is wearing no glasses.
  • Although the film is supposedly set in 1953-1954, the Bristol 405 that Reynolds Woodcock drives around Whitby was not manufactured until 1955.
  • A character says, "I don't mean to be racist . . ." That word didn't exist, at least in British English, in the 1950s. Someone might have used "racialist".
  • Cyril tells the ladies repairing the wedding dress that it must be ready to be sent to Belgium by 9 the next morning, implying that it will be shipped like a regular package. As the dress is custom-made (and for a princess, no less), in real life, Cyril would have been packing her bags in order to deliver the dress herself; also, to ensure that it fits on the princess perfectly.


  • Cyril and Reynolds both drink the tea Alma has spiked with poisonous mushrooms, but only Reynolds falls ill.
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