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  • The character Duncan Reynolds, played by Jonathan Majors, was called Trader Faulkner in the original 1997 novel by Martin Amis. However the actor Trader Faulkner objected to the use of his name, resulting in the change. Faulkner and Amis had appeared together in the film A High Wind in Jamaica (1965), and Amis had been taken with the name.
  • The film premiered at TIFF in Canada in September 2018.
  • Based on the 1998 Novel 'Night Train' by Martin Amis
  • The hand cream Mike fixates on is called Hydra. Toby Jones played a member of an evil organisation called Hydra in the Marvel films Captain America and its sequel Captain America: the Winter Soldier.
  • The colours blue and red are used throughout, either in costumes or in the background colour scheme. Even Mike's cat appears to be the breed Russian Blue.


  • Mike's mother and Jennifer Rockwell are both wearing almost the exact same dress when they die.
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