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Quotes from On The Basis Of Sex

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    • [from trailer, in courtroom]
    • Judge: The word 'woman' does not appear even once in the US Constitution.
    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Nor does the word 'freedom,' Your Honor.
    • Professor Freund: A court ought not be affected by the weather of the day, but will be by the climate of the era.
    • Dorothy Kenyon: The country isn't ready. Change minds first. Then change the law.
    • Jane Ginsburg: For whom, if not for me?
    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I'm Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
    • Erwin Griswold: And why are you here Miss Ginsburg? Occupying a place that could have gone to a man.
    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: It's not a privilege, it is a Cage. And these laws are the bars!
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