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Mr. Malcolm's List

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When she fails to meet an item on his list of requirements for a bride, Julia Thistlewaite (Zawe Ashton) is jilted by London’s most eligible bachelor, Mr. Malcolm (Sope Dirisu). Feeling humiliated and determined to exact revenge, she convinces her friend Selina Dalton (Freida Pinto) to play the role of his ideal match. Soon, Mr. Malcolm wonders whether he’s found the perfect woman...or the perfect hoax. Also starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ashley Park, with Theo James.


  • Freida Pinto
  • Sope Dirisu
  • Oliver Jackson-Cohe
  • Ashley Park
  • Zawe Ashton
  • Theo James

Atom User Reviews

4.6 out of 5
Verified Review

For those in love with Austen, Bronte, and Bridgerton---see this movie! It is sweet and funny, the characters very engaging and genuine. Will see again!

Rachael B
Verified Review

So fun! Just like all the clean/sweet romance novels I like to read. The casting was weird/non traditional for a show like this. I’m all for colorblind/all body shapes casting, it just seemed like it was a little bit of a forced choice for this show. After a little bit, I didn’t care though. They all won me over and i just enjoyed a fun love story. Not for the snobbish and regency era purist types, but super enjoyable and I didn’t have to cover my daughter’s ears or eyes for any scenes. We laughed and sighed together. I love shows/stories like this. Good job!

Aimee G


Aug 26, 2022

Mr Malcolm’s List plays like Jane Austen fan-fiction, which isn’t the worst subgenre in the world, even if nobody could ever confuse the plot with that of Lady Susan, let alone Pride and Prejudice.

Tara Brady
The Irish Times
Jun 28, 2022

It’s a pleasant enough diversion, that will likely be best remembered for colorblind casting done right.

Metacritic review by Martin Tsai
Martin Tsai
The A.V. Club
Jun 22, 2022

What is here –a good if not “all star” cast, colorful characters, the settings and the story — has charm enough to get by even if no one will ever confuse Mr. Malcolm’s List for “Sense Sensibility.”

Metacritic review by Roger Moore
Roger Moore
Movie Nation