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  • Ceilingless set and lighting equipment can be briefly seen in several shots in Cass' bedroom.
  • As the bus Joe Buck rides approaches New York, the view focuses on the Statue of Liberty. However this shot is from the New Jersey Turnpike's Holland Tunnel-Newark Bay Extension (Interchange 14C) going southbound, away from New York. Minutes later in the same scene, the view from the bus shows the Midtown Manhattan skyline as it enters the Lincoln Tunnel.
  • After Joe Buck's encounter with Towny, he and Ratso board the bus to Miami. But the bus then enters the south tube of the Lincoln Tunnel, which only carries eastbound traffic into New York.
  • When Joe Buck is hungry and destitute, he stops in a diner and sits with a weird mother and son. The son looks at the tracking camera not once, but twice, before dialog resumes. Easily edited, but left in, maybe on purpose.
  • When Joe Buck talk to the first Lady about the Statue of Liberty your hat is on the hair, but in the next scene crossing the street your hat is above his hair.


  • When Joe Buck is sitting on the porch, dressed in a military suit, and talking about his grandmother's death, he spits backwards.
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