Midnight Cowboy

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A naive hustler travels from Texas to New York City to seek personal fortune, finding a new friend in the process.


  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Jon Voight
  • Sylvia Miles
  • John McGiver
  • Brenda Vaccaro
  • Barnard Hughes
  • Ruth White
  • Jennifer Salt
  • Gil Rankin
  • Tom Marlow

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Even as a kid, I could see that Midnight Cowboy’s true subject isn’t decadence but loneliness...Midnight Cowboy’s peep-show vision of Manhattan lowlife may no longer be shocking, but what is shocking, in 1994, is to see a major studio film linger this lovingly on characters who have nothing to offer the audience but their own lost souls.

Metacritic review by Owen Gleiberman
Owen Gleiberman
Entertainment Weekly