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  • The Staten Island Ferry is transporting cars on the lower level, however the ferry hasn't transported cars since September 2001 after the 9/11 attacks.
  • The opening of the film states that the battle of New York is set 8 years prior. This is a mistake. Tony Stark states in Infinity War that the events of The Avengers happened 6 years prior. Also, Vision states that for 2 years he and Scarlet Witch have been trying to make a relationship work, putting Civil War (as well as Homecoming) 2 years prior to Infinity War, 4 years after The Avengers. SM Homecoming cannot take place 8 years after The Avengers if Infinity War takes place 6 years after. Even the directors of Infinity War have stated that the "8 years later" was a mistake.
  • One student is dressed in a military (ROTC?) uniform and is wearing his cap inside. This would be against regulations and the kid would know not to wear the cap in class.
  • The Academic Decathlon poster is seen twice, but with different dates. Once just before the lunchroom scene, and it shows the date of the competition to be October 13-15th. Later, when Peter is with Ned, and he decides to attend the Academic Decathlon to chase the villains, they both look at a poster of the event hanging on Peter's wall, and the date is for one day, September 14th.
  • During the Civil War opening recap video montage supposedly filmed on Parker's phone for YouTube. A close up of the sleeping Happy Hogan reveals a reflection of the camera. It's not a phone, but a shoulder mounted movie camera.
  • At several points, Flash openly mocks Peter for claiming he knows Tony Stark. However, Peter could easily have proven the claim by showing Flash the "alibi video" that Tony Stark prepares for Aunt May about how well her nephew did during the weekend internship retreat as Peter sits next to him in his limo. The video was only for Aunt May. Not to mention there is a difference between knowing and meeting someone. While he could have shown Flash the video, theoretically Peter hasn't seen Tony since those events.
  • The Vulture wears a flight jacket, but not an actual G-force pressure suit. This means that during any of his numerous acrobatics while in flight and during his acceleration, he would be subjecting himself to Gs beyond what could be tolerated by a normal human without passing out. Without a pressure suit, the blood in his body would remain in his lower extremities during these maneuvers and he would remain unconscious until he crashed into an object or the ground.
  • When they board the Staten Island Ferry, you can clearly see the name of the boat as "The City of New York" but when Iron Man reattached the two halves the boat is now called "The Spirit of America"
  • Peter Parker's milk carton reads "Best by: July 8" yet the movie is set in September.
  • Early on in the film when Toomes and his crew are back in his shop after losing the cleanup job from the New York incident in 2008, a Coors Banquet stubby bottle that was released June 1, 2013 can be seen on a table.
  • When Peter is getting ready for homecoming, he watches a tutorial video on how to tie his necktie in a Windsor knot. But when he is finished getting dressed, his tie is in a four-in-hand knot.
  • Peter later tells Ned that he had been dropped in a lake the first time he met the Vulture. However, when Spider-Man had hit the water, the George Washington Bridge can clearly be seen in the background making the body of water he fell in the Hudson River.
  • Peter's and May's apartment is different from the one where Stark visits Peter in Civil War. Not only is the living room different, but Peter's bedroom is as well. He has a bunk-bed instead of a twin bed, and the door to his room opens to the left inside instead of the right inside.
  • During the 2008 events, at the beginning of the movie a Caterpillar 926M Small Wheel Loader can be seen in the background. The 926M was launched in 2015.
  • During the first scene at the sandwich shop (located in Queens), a MARTA bus (the city of Atlanta's public transit system) can be seen driving past the shop.
  • There is no high school in America that would allow a 15-year-old girl (Liz) to attend class wearing a skirt that barely covers her bottom.
  • Ned claims to Peter that his Lego Death Star has 3808 pieces, when it has in fact 3880 pieces. This is Lego set 10188 that was already out of production when filming started but not impossible to obtain at the time. A newer version of the set, under number 75159 was released to the public in September 2016 when filming had almost wrapped. It is still in production. This rerelease contains 4015 pieces, but this is not the version Ned is referring to, as is proved when the set is shown in Peter's bedroom.
  • During the playback of the beginning of the airport battle that takes place during Captain America: Civil War, Spider-man's line after stealing Captain America's shield is "Hi Everyone". That is the line from the trailer, not the actual movie.
  • When Ned asks Peter to help build his Lego Death Star, he holds an Emperor Palpatine figure up to Peter's shoulder. This Palpatine figure is from the 2016 edition Lego Death Star, which has 4016 pieces. When Peter asks how many pieces, Ned tells Peter it has 3803 pieces, which is the piece count of the 2008 edition Death Star.
  • Peter's video at the beginning of the movie differs from what is shown during Captain America: Civil War when Ant Man becomes Giant Man. In Peter's video, you see Ant Man grow in the background and Peter says he's big now and has to go. In Civil War, they show Spider-Man's immediate reaction is to shout "Holy $&#!"
  • In the beginning of the movie, the Academic Decathlon poster states that the championship will take place between October 13-15th. However, later, in Peter's bedroom the poster says September 14th.
  • Unnecessarily and historically inaccurate Michelle said the Washington Monument was built by Slaves. There is no evidence it was built by slaves. None. All historical photos of its construction show no Slaves present. What that line in the script does say, however, is that Hollywood will whenever possible push its Leftist agenda in the hopes an uneducated audience will swallow it.
  • When Peter is participating in the Spanish Class and produces a correct sentence, the teacher says "Muy Bueno" instead of "Muy bien" which is the proper sentence use to say something has been done correctly.
  • Contrary to the accusation that the Washington Monument was built by slave labor (which the National Park Service ranger implies agreement with) there is no evidence of this from contemporary documents related to its construction, and almost all of the work was done by skilled trades (stonemasons for the obelisk, iron-workers for the stairway, crane and steam engine operators who lifted the stone blocks into place) that slave labor would have been unlikely to provide. Furthermore, the Washington Monument was constructed in two phases, one before the Civil War (1848-1854) and the second phase which completed the Monument after the Civil War (1876-1884).
  • When Tony is talking to Peter after climbing out of his suit he says ''different story, right? Because that's on you''. His mouth movements don't match.
  • (At around 56 mins) when Spider-man finds he has only been in the Damage Control vault for 37 minutes, he flips off the container & lands away from it. He then starts to stand up but in the next shot he is inside the container. He then takes off his jacket and starts to remove the hoodie but before he finishes he is kneeling down with the hoodie behind him.
  • (At around 88 mins) the position of Liz's arms vary in between shots. First they are behind her back, then in front and finally by her side.
  • In the car chase, when Peter is in Flash's Dad's car, he supposedly doesn't know how to turn on the lights and makes Ned on the phone find out for him. However, the rear lights are on in the insert shots showing the car from the rear and there is no way to turn on just the rear lights without the headlights.
  • In reality, the song "Oh Yeah" is not heard during the scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" that is playing on the TV that Spider-Man passes while chasing the black market arms dealers' white van.
  • The beginning of this movie suggests that the events of The Avengers took place in 2008, yet Captain America states that he was frozen for 65 years. Since Cap went down in 1945, "65 years" would place him in 2010, not 2008.
  • When Peter hijacks Flash's car during the Homecoming dance to pursue Toomes, he drives off erratically and crashes through a line of bikes. In the next scene, the front end of the car on the left side where it hit the bikes is completely undamaged.
  • This story takes place after the events of Civil War, but as Happy Hogan is loading the plane ( about 1:38:41 into the movie), he is reading the cargo manifest and one of the items is "prototype for Caps new shield". It makes no sense why they would be developing a new shield for Captain Amercia since he is a fugitive and no longer part of the Avengers during this time.
  • When a teacher finds Ned in the computer lab, he tells her he was watching porn. But porn sites would be blocked on a school's internet server.
  • When Peter is watching himself catching a car during class on Youtube, the red bar is not moving and the Youtube play button shows the play button, not pause button even though the video is playing.
  • When Happy is driving the limo in the opening scene, the gear shifter on the steering wheel is in Park.
  • When the "Avengers" are robbing the ATM and they fire the laser beam, it clearly hits Mr. Delmar as he looks at the front of the store, but when Spider-man saves him, he's perfectly fine, only smudge marks on him, not even a burn mark, just dirt.
  • The top of the Washington Monument is missing the lighting rod.
  • Ned gets a LEGO Death Star to build with Peter and he shows him the Emperor Palpatine figure. LEGO made two Death Stars. One in 2008, one in 2016. The 2016 edition updated all the original figures. When Peter and Ned finish the set, they stick Palpatine (2016 edition) on top of the set. If you look closely, you will notice that the actual set is the 2008 edition.
  • When Peter and Ned are tracking the Shocker in Pete's room, the academic decathlon poster says the date is September 14. Earlier in the movie, another poster for the same event says the dates are October 13 -15.
  • When Peter stops the bank robbers, they are all wearing Avengers masks. The Thor mask has the signature helmet from the comics, which movie Thor never once wore on Earth. In the movie universe, where did this design come from ?
  • It is established multiple times in dialogue that Liz's house party is held on a Friday night, yet Peter and Ned have school the next day.
  • When Peter pulls up the aileron of the wing of the transport plane, he caused it to turn to the left. In reality, that would only cause the plane to roll to the left. A turn can only be caused by inputs to the rudder at the tail of the plane.
  • Somebody having a weapon capable of cutting a ferry in half should be an obvious warning sign of a danger rising, but even after witnessing it, Tony makes no attempt to clash with the Vulture. After Peter has had his first encounter with Vulture, he informs Tony about him and the weapons. Tony responds that there are people who handle this sort of thing. However, he also notes that this sort of thing is a little below the pay grade of the Avengers (being a member, this would include Tony).


  • Following the Staten Island Ferry events, Tony says to Peter things about "what if someone/you had died out there tonight." He should have said "today" instead; this all clearly happened in broad daylight.
  • When Peter Parker mistakes Tony Stark's reaching for the door as a hug, it is right after Captain America: Civil War's events (they're even recording an alibi video for aunt May). Peter's right eye looks totally fine. However, after he goes inside, the time is at the post credits scene from Civil War, where aunt May is giving Peter an ice bag, and his right eye clearly shows bruising. But bruising often doesn't happen right away. Who's to say the post-credit scene didn't take place a day after he got back? Not to mention with Peter's powers, his may not injure as easily as a normal person so a bruise could take time to develop.
  • When Iron Man welds the lower deck of the Staten Island Ferry back together that would have done nothing to prevent the vessel from sinking. In fact all that it would have done is allowed the water already in the below decks hold to have remained where it was. For loaded vessels to float a sizable portion of them have to be below the water line to displace the amount necessary for them TO FLOAT. That area cannot be filled with water as that would cause the vessel to sink due to its weight. Iron Man would have needed to dive under the ship's hull and also welded the split along the keel to prevent it from sinking.
  • The ferry was still moving forward when the accidental weapon's discharge cuts it in half. Given its inertia and the fact that at least one of the engines/screws would still be turning, one or both parts of the ferry would still be moving forward. Spider Man's webbing would not have had to hold the two pieces together, it would have had to have done so while the two parts were still traveling forward. The film specifically shows the ferry at a dead stop in the water during the fighting on the deck which caused the accident. There is no way that this could have occurred.
  • Flash Thompson has to give Peter Parker his gold jacket when Peter rejoins the decathlon team. Peter has the jacket with him when he misses the decathlon because he is trapped in the DODC vault, but yet Flash has his jacket on when he is competing in the decathlon in Peter's place.
  • Vulture enters the plane through the phase shifting window created by the alien tech. When Spider-Man breaks the vacuum seal and the Vulture suit falls away, the plane starts to decompress through the open 'window'. Yet in the next shot the window is gone.
  • When Peter ditches the dance as Spider-Man, he is confronted by the Shocker in the school parking lot. Since it was only minutes earlier that Toomes uncovered Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker, he would have had to have called up the Shocker and have had him arrive in about the time period it would have taken Peter to walk through the doors, ditch Liz, and change into his Spider suit - it is highly unlikely that the Shocker would have been able to arrive on such short notice.
  • In the final battle with Toomes, Spider-Man tries to shoot a web but his shooter is empty. A few minutes later when the feds arrive, Toomes is trapped webs, which should not be possible.
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