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  • After going through his clean up routine, Strange attaches his own mask. A surgeon would never risk doing that before such a serious operation. In fact a surgeon would put on his/her mask, then scrub, then have the OR team gown and glove him/her. In addition, while he is removing the bullet from the patient's brain, he and Dr. Christine Palmer are shown intermittently with scrub masks and without.
  • The MRI scan would not have happened if there was a bullet in the brain. Consequence of doing an MRI scan would mean the patient would have died due to the magnet and its strength. A CT scan would have sufficed. - Actually a CT would not show the brain stem (the area the bullet is located). So the only chance saving the patients life (with time being of the essence) IS the MRI - hoping the bullet is not magnetic (for example titanium). Most modern bullets in production today are copper jacked lead or just lead. While steel core copper jacketed bullets are available, they are uncommon. Copper and lead are both non-magnetic so this would not present a problem.
  • When Dr. Strange is manipulating time on the half eaten apple, the future of the fruit looks like it's being eaten further where in fact it should just go old and moldy because once it has been put on the desk, no one is eating it. * However this probably shows a possible future where the apple is / was / will be eaten.
  • When Strange is talking online with a specialist who refuses to help him, he throws his laptop on the floor, he then picks it up when Christine comes in but he doesn't open it back up, later in the scene when he is arguing with Christine the laptop is back on the table and open as if it has never been moved.
  • When Dr Strange is choosing a watch from his drawer of watches, all of his watches are shown as being on watch-winders, but the winders are all rotating about the horizontal plane (in order to fit nicely into the drawer, no doubt). Since an automatic watch is wound by the movement of a weight, a winder work by turning the watch either about the vertical plane or something near vertical, leading to the weight's moving under the force of gravity. There is no way on Earth that a horizontally mounted winder could provide sufficient wind to a watch to keep it powered-up.
  • In the movie we see Christine wearing nail polish. It is not allowed for medical staff to wear nail polish or fake nails. The nails should be cut short and completely natural. This is to check for any contaminants.
  • During the recovery montage, it shows Dr. Strange having his bandages removed and he does not have the hardware attached to his hands. In the next scene he is discussing a procedure with a group of doctors and he does not have the hardware attached. However, the next scene we see him being wheeled into the operating room with both hands fully immobilized and hardware in place. The hardware would only be in place until the bones healed and would not be replaced for the surgery.
  • The whole reason for Doctor Strange's journey is because he is told Jonathan Pangborn made a complete recovery from a spinal injury at C7-C8 level. There are only 7 cervical vertebrae. There is a nerve between the C7 and T1 vertebrae that is called C8. This may be what Pangborn was referring to.
  • When Strange is talking to the other surgeon about other possible ways to heal him quicker, the surgeon ends the call, causing Strange to get angry and hit the desk and shove all of the stuff on the desk onto the floor. However, with his hands being in so much pain, the impact of his hands and the desk should have triggered at least some pain. But instead, he just acts as though there is no pain.
  • Doctor Strange leaves NY City across the George Washington Bridge going westbound towards New Jersey and is then seen driving a winding road along a cliff that ascends to his right and descends to his left. When the car spins out of control and leaves the road on the left side going down the cliff, the vehicle is shown at rest in the Hudson River north of the George Washington Bridge. If he went off the road to his left and into the Hudson River, the vehicle should have been shown south of the George Washington Bridge.
  • When Strange is having a practice bout with Mordo, after getting knocked down you can temporarily see Strange's fingers. His fingers here are perfectly white and appear unharmed, however he is still maimed and you see this afterwards.
  • The wound and blood on Strange's left eyebrow is first fresh, then dry, then it's gone, then is back again.
  • In the first scene where Dr Strange is preparing for surgery he uses improper surgical gowning technique breaking aseptic protocols. Strange puts on a mask after washing his hands, contaminating his clean hands by bringing them in proximity to the non-sterile environment of his face. Surgical masks must be worn before the full washing of hands. Another error is that he inserted his hands all the way through his gown to don gloves. Hands must never leave the sleeves and gloves must be put on with the sleeves still covering.
  • Strange is at home, looking for help on a video chat, then throws a tantrum by throwing everything on the table to the floor. Christine enters with food, and the reverse shot shows some of the items back on the table although he had not picked anything up. He then picks up his laptop and puts it back on the table, but the amount of papers on the floor is not right - all the things that are now on the table (except laptop) should still be on the floor, not just three papers.
  • At least twice in the film Strange refers to Pangborn's spinal cord injury as having occurred between "C7" and C8" - meaning the 7th and 8th cervical vertebrae. But humans only have 7 cervical vertebrae. An injury in this location would actually be between C7 and T1 (the first thoracic vertebra). There is absolutely no way Strange - a brilliant surgeon with a photographic memory - could get this wrong.
  • Dr. Palmer washed her hands and is called to the E.R. She holds and kisses Dr. Strange before walking away. She never re-washes her hands before presumably performing surgery.
  • In the OR, there are multiple errors. Sterile technique is not observed as neither the C-arm doing x-rays nor the microscope are draped with a sterile cover. Also Images in the c-arm for x-ray are static on the right monitor and can only show a single image, showing the bullet being removed in real time would only be shown on the left side of the screen. Take it from an experienced OR x-ray technologist.
  • In the bullet surgery scene, Dr Strange says the bullet has probably been hardened with antimony, which would imply it was a cast bullet. When he extracts it, it appears to be copper jacketed & not cast. It is also unlikely a hardened bullet, or any other bullet, to stop in the brain as it would more likely pass through the head & exit.
  • When Wong takes Strange into the Master's library, he tell him that he should start with Maxim's Primer, pronouncing primer with a long i (like the y in rhyme). It has been suggested that this is wrong because Primer with a long i is what you use to undercoat paint while the word meaning an introductory book is pronounced with a short i (like the i in dimmer). But while this is true in North American pronunciation, many people around the world would never say Primer with a short i.
  • In the Master's library, Strange pulls down a book with pages missing. Wong says it belonged to Cagliostro, pronouncing the g in the name. But the g is silent in the Italian name. Count Alessandro di Cagliostro was an Italian adventurer and self-styled magician.
  • The therapist assisting Doctor Strange has a character name of Physical Therapist, hand therapy is a specialism of Occupational Therapy therefore the character name should have been Occupational Therapist.
  • In Hong Kong the people on the street are wearing down jackets and parkas. The average temperature in winter is seldom below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Hong Kong is warm and humid.
  • When showing far shots of New York City from 177A Bleeker Street looking south the World Trade Tower, in fact, all of the Battery is improbably far away. It's less than two miles from Bleeker to the World Trade Center.
  • When Wong inquired about Strange's Sanskrit, he said that he was fluent on Google Translate. Sanskrit isn't available on Google Translate.
  • The Physical Therapist should not have pulled Pangborn's file for Dr. Strange. Without a valid reason for reviewing the patient records (on behalf of the patient, not for himself), this is a violation of patient privacy (HIPAA) regulations.
  • After Dr. Strange gets stabbed during the fight with Kaecilius and his zealots at the New York Sanctum, Dr. Strange creates an opening to Christine's Hospital using the sling ring. When he returns to the Sanctum through the gate he opened, he is not wearing his sling ring.
  • The Eye of Agamotto was first seen as one of Odin's relics in Thor, yet it turns up in the Kamar Taj in this movie without any explanation. However, the same thing was previously said about the Infinity Gauntlet being seen in Odin's vault but then showing up in Thanos' possession without explanation. In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela goes down into the vault and states that Odin's Infinity Gauntlet is fake (thus revealing that Thanos always had the real one), and then says that most of the other relics are also fake. This could suggest that the Eye of Agamotto that was previously seen in the vault is one of the fakes that Hela was referring to, which means that the real one could have been with the Ancient One the whole time.
  • During the first surgery scene, the air appears saturated by a "fog"--presumably for cinematic effect, but that kind of particulate concentration would certainly break HEPA air filtration standards, making the overall environment unsuitable for open surgery.
  • At one point, Stephen Strange says he has a photographic memory, and proves it . In real life, this ability has never been shown to exist. People who are capable of recalling lots of data at will do so with the help of elaborate mnemonic devices. Interestingly, Benedict Cumberbatch played a version of Sherlock Holmes who uses memory palaces (also known as the Method of loci) to recall information in accurate detail.
  • In the mid credits scene with Thor, Dr. Strange is not wearing the eye of agomotto, which is accurate and makes sense because Strange removes the eye of agomotto and keeps it in the vault from where he took it initially in the 2nd last scene of the film. But in the same (extended) scene from Thor: Ragnarok, Strange is wearing the eye of agomotto.
  • Aerial views of Hong Kong show as if everything is happening on the Kowloon side. However in one scene there is a minibus number 10, which connects two places on the Hong Kong Island site.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the normal medical procedure for dealing with bullet inside the body (particularly in such a delicate place as the brain) would be leaving it exactly were it is. This is because trying to remove it would damage more tissue and compromise blood vessels. Also, velocity of modern bullets makes them sterile because of heat, so infection is not likely. Unless the presence of the bullet is immediately threatening the life of the patient, any normal surgeon -particularly one as experienced as Strange- would not attempt to remove it. In the possibility of the surgeon just showing off (as Strange most likely does), the procedure would most likely be grounds for disciplinary action against the surgeon by the hospital, if not downright dismissal or loss of medical license.
  • Doctor Strange, a highly educated physician, uses the word, "irregardless" rather than the correct word "regardless." There is no such word in the English language, and only ignorant people use it, so it is highly doubtful that Doctor Strange would use it.


  • When Dr Strange suffers his cardiac tamponade and Christine is performing pericardiocentesis he goes into asystole cardiac arrest. Christine then brings Dr Strange back into spontaneous rhythm by using the defibrillator. An asystole rhythm is in fact a non-shockable rhythm so defibrillation would achieve absolutely nothing.
  • After the Ancient One dies, Strange's wounds on his face are shown to be nearly fully healed while talking with Christine. But once he returns through the portal and reappears in the ruined sanctum, the deep gashes on his cheeks and lip have returned.
  • In the scene between Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer, immediately following the death The Ancient One, the view from behind Christine shows Doctor Strange's finger next to and directly in front of the mole on her left cheek. When the scene immediately switches to a side view his finger is now several inches below the mole.
  • When Dr. Palmer and Dr. Strange are washing their hands after the death of The Ancient One they turn to each other and place their hands on each others' faces. Their hands should have been wet because they had just been running under water.
  • The car crash was inaccurate because the Lamborghini Huracan is designed to separate the cabin from the engine in the event of a serious accident. The Huracan that Doctor Strange wrecked in this film flipped aimlessly and the cabin remained connected to the engine.
  • After his hands were crushed in the accident and after having had 7 surgeries, Dr. Strange's fingernails would have been in very poor condition. There would have been pits and permanent vertical fault lines in the nail plates (if they grew back) due to the damaged roots located under and behind the cuticles. The nails would have appeared dry, thick and/or flaky. The nail plates would have been permanently misshapen therefore, they would not have looked as straight, smooth, healthy or groomed as they did.
  • Jonathan Pangborn's T7/8 complete spinal cord severing resulted in his paraplegia. However in the final credits scene when the magic he was using to help him walk is taken from him by Mordo, he loses the function of both his lower limbs and upper limbs. A T7/8 spinal cord lesion doesn't result in any lost function of the upper limbs, yet he demonstrates flexor tone categorical of a lesion in the brain pathway before the Rubro-spinal tract so no inhibition of the Rubro-spinal tract's flexor bias occurs.
  • Around 01:09:27, when Doctor Strange is defibrillated for the first time in the hospital setting, the screen on the defibrillator reads "12", indication that already 12 shocks have been set off. When Christine is setting up the defibrillator to 360 Joules, it reads "0". When he is shocked for the 2nd time it reads "16" - after turning on a defibrillator, the "shock count" should read "0", therefore these shocks should have been numbered "0", "1" and "2" respectively.
  • When Dr. Strange exits the London Sanctum in pursuit of Kaecilius the camera pans left as Stephen looks to the left down the street. On the corner is a blue mail box marked with a US Postal Service logo. British Royal Mail or "Post" boxes are usually red and in a variety of shapes, while US Postal Service drop boxes in which one would deposit letters to be mailed, are universally blue and of a signature shape. This actually takes place in New York (not London) as can be seen by the address on the side of the building as 177a Bleeker Street. Then the camera pans out to reveal New York City. Strange was blown through the door to NY when Kaecilious destroyed the London Sanctum. Further proof is when Strange takes leave of Christine after she saves his life in the hospital, Strange heads back to the New York Sanctum where the Ancient One confirms the London Sanctum's destruction, and then he waits around in that same spot for a few minutes before Kaecilius returns for a second attempt to destroy the New York Sanctum.
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