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  • They show the RMS Titanic in the film with Queen Victoria on board attending a party. She died in 1901 long before the Tianic was built.
  • The film has several deliberate anachronisms, such as the music and "the selfie" with the Queen.
  • Nearing the end of the movie, Queen Victoria is seen entering the Titanic, Even though the Titanic sailed 11 years (Apr. 15, 1912) after Queen Victoria Died (Jan. 22, 1901).
  • The movie involves saving Queen Victoria who reined from 1836 to 1901 however at the end of the movie she was aboard the completed Titanic, which wasn't completed until 1911/1912 over 10 years after her death. It was in fact King George V at that time.
  • When Millie is eating the onion, a close-up clearly shows that is an apple wrapped in an onion skin.
  • The climax involves Queen Victoria aboard the Titanic. She died in 1901. The Titanic was ordered in 1908 and made its first voyage in 1912.
  • The film is set during Queen Victoria's reign, but most of the ladies on the Titanic wear Edwardian ball gowns.
  • At Moriarty's trial, the judge draws particular attention to his gavel. British judges have never used gavels.
  • Even though the Titanic had four funnels only three actually functioned. The last one was fake, built to balance the ship's lines and make it look more impressive. However, this last funnel did serve a function as smokestack for the ship's massive galley. This is why when the Titanic is in shot, smoke can clearly be seen emanating from all four funnels.
  • The Titanic did not set sail from London, England, but from the city of Southampton which is 80 miles away from London.


  • When Ms. Hudson ties up Watson, Kelly Macdonald's vocals do not match her facial movement, even though her mouth is not visible.
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