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  • They show the RMS Titanic in the film with Queen Victoria on board attending a party. She died in 1901 long before the Tianic was built.
  • The film has several deliberate anachronisms, such as the music and "the selfie" with the Queen.
  • Nearing the end of the movie, Queen Victoria is seen entering the Titanic, Even though the Titanic sailed 11 years (Apr. 15, 1912) after Queen Victoria Died (Jan. 22, 1901).
  • The movie involves saving Queen Victoria who reined from 1836 to 1901 however at the end of the movie she was aboard the completed Titanic, which wasn't completed until 1911/1912 over 10 years after her death. It was in fact King George V at that time.
  • When Millie is eating the onion, a close-up clearly shows that is an apple wrapped in an onion skin.
  • The climax involves Queen Victoria aboard the Titanic. She died in 1901. The Titanic was ordered in 1908 and made its first voyage in 1912.
  • The film is set during Queen Victoria's reign, but most of the ladies on the Titanic wear Edwardian ball gowns.
  • At Moriarty's trial, the judge draws particular attention to his gavel. British judges have never used gavels.


  • When Ms. Hudson ties up Watson, Kelly Macdonald's vocals do not match her facial movement, even though her mouth is not visible.
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