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  • Interview: Daniel Radcliffe "On the mounting tension in the film"
  • Interview: Imelda Staunton "On the rebellious affect of her teaching style"
  • Clip: I will attempt to penetrate your mind
  • Interview: Emma Watson "On the DA"
  • Clip: Patronus
  • Behind the scenes: Dumbledore and Voldemort
  • Clip: We need a place to practice
  • Interview: Helena Bonham Carter "On the appeal of the role"
  • Behind the scenes: Harry and Sirius
  • Interview: Rupert Grint "On Harry and Ron reuniting"
  • Clip: Dumbledore says I've been expelled
  • Interview: Sir Michael Gambon "On Dumbledore being vulnerable in Harry's eyes"
  • Interview: Ralph Fiennes "On Voldemort corrupting Harry"