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Neil Armstrong’s one small step on the moon’s surface in 1969 is a moment frozen in our collective memory, but the journey to get him there was actually the culmination of years of research and sacrifice. In fact, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to land a man on the moon proved to be one of the most costly and dangerous in history. First Man brings that long journey to life, focusing on Armstrong himself during the years from 1961 to 1969 as he fought to make that small step. Ryan Gosling portrays the legendary astronaut in a film that finds him re-teamed with his Oscar®-winning La La Land director, Damien Chazelle. First Man is inspired by Armstrong’s authorized biography of the same name, written by James R. Hansen. The film also stars Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Pablo Schreiber, Kyle Chandler, Ciarán Hinds, Ethan Embry, and Corey Stoll.


  • Ryan Gosling
  • Claire Foy
  • Jason Clarke
  • Kyle Chandler
  • Corey Stoll
  • Patrick Fugit
  • Christopher Abbott
  • Ciarán Hinds
  • Olivia Hamilton
  • Pablo Schreiber

Did You Know?


  • Damien Chazelle's first choice to play the role of Neil Armstrong was Ryan Gosling. Gosling was even rumored to be attached to the project during its development stage, but nothing was officially confirmed. It was not until after Gosling did La La Land (2016) with Chazelle that Gosling would officially sign on to do the project.
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  • The film shows beer cans being popped open in 1961. Beer tabs weren't introduced until 1965.
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    • Janet Armstrong: Pat doesn't have a husband. Those kids, they don't have a father anymore. Do you understand what that means? What are the chances that's going to be Ricky and Mark? And I can't tell them that their dad spent the last few minutes packing his briefcase! You're gonna sit them down. Both of them. And you're going to prepare them for the fact that you might not ever come home. You're doing that. You. Not me. I'm done.
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

I spent two hours of my life for nothing

Jorge H
Verified Review

I was bored

Heyden B


Oct 18, 2018

First Man doesn’t display a lot of interest in Neil’s social world. Chazelle, like his hero, sometimes seems to be just biding time until he can get back into one of those claustrophobic space modules and feel gravity slipping away.

Metacritic review by Dana Stevens
Dana Stevens
Aug 29, 2018

It’s a credit to the filmmakers and to lead actor Ryan Gosling’s thoughtfully internalized performance as Neil Armstrong that this sober, contemplative picture has emotional involvement, visceral tension, and yes, even suspense, in addition to stunning technical craft.

Metacritic review by David Rooney
David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter
Aug 29, 2018

It’s a beautifully made film, with an impeccable lead performance from Ryan Gosling as the sober, sensitive astronaut. Yet it’s also a film which takes elegant flight but stalls across its extended closing sequences; a project which, in its probing of Armstrong’s emotional mechanisms, neglects the development of other characters who might have anchored it more securely.

Fionnuala Halligan
Screen Daily