Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Poster

Photos & Videos for Fantastic Mr. Fox


  • Home video trailer for this animated film


  • Interview: Bill Murray "On the film's attention to detail"
  • Featurette: Anderson's Mr. Fox
  • Clip: Shoes off
  • Interview: Jeremy Dawson "On George Clooney as Mr. Fox"
  • Clip: Dig
  • Interview: Jason Schwartzman "On what the film's about"
  • Featurette: Cutting edge fox
  • Clip: You look good
  • Clip: If what I think is happening
  • Clip: Latin roll call
  • Clip: You cussin' with me?
  • Clip: Sad house guest
  • Clip: Lab partner
  • Interview: Eric Anderson "On Kristofferson"
  • Clip: Whack bat