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Tim Burton imagines a fantastic new stage in the life of Disney’s famously big-eared elephant. Dumbo is, first and foremost, a live-action version of the original animated classic. When young Dumbo begins to fly, he brings success to the small family-run circus he calls home. That is only the beginning of Disney’s new adventure, however.

Dumbo’s antics lead to fame. The plucky elephant attracts the attentions of a cunning businessman (Michael Keaton) who wants Dumbo to be part of his newfangled amusement park. What seems like the opportunity of a lifetime quickly turns dangerous as Dumbo’s human friends (played by Colin Farrell, Eva Green, and Danny DeVito) realize there are dark secrets hidden beneath the big top of their new home.


  • Colin Farrell
  • Michael Keaton
  • Danny DeVito
  • Eva Green
  • Alan Arkin
  • Nico Parker
  • Finley Hobbins
  • Roshan Seth
  • Lars Eidinger
  • Deobia Oparei

Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

nice collaboration of new mixed with old. I loved it, being a fan of the original.

jackie S
Verified Review

It was so good! The characters were great, the story was inspiring, and the visuals were stunning

Teri Ann C


Mar 26, 2019

When that visual leaves a more captivating impression than a baby elephant spreading its ears and getting airborne like a glider, something is definitely off in the balance. The new Dumbo holds the attention but too seldom tugs at the heartstrings.

Metacritic review by David Rooney
David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter
Mar 26, 2019

This live-action remake of the 1941 Disney animated classic finds the eccentric, inconsistent filmmaker tapping into his career’s core emotional themes and, on occasion, Dumbo has the magic and wonder of his best work. (And that blue-eyed baby elephant is awfully cute.) But there remains a frustrating impersonality — not to mention an audience familiarity with his well-worn aesthetic — that keeps the film from soaring all that high.

Tim Grierson
Screen Daily
Mar 26, 2019

Dumbo’s great skill, flying around a tent in a circle, becomes a little old after it’s repeated ad naseam over the course of two full hours. Adorable though he may be, Dumbo’s kind of a one-trick pony, in a matter of speaking.

Metacritic review by Matt Singer
Matt Singer