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  • When Radio Raheem does his "love and hate" monologue, a shadow of the camera can be seen on him throughout much of the scene.
  • When Da Mayor first presents the bunch of roses to Mother Sister the blooms are fully opened. However, later in the film when the roses are again seen in her apartment, the blooms are closed.
  • Sal places a piece of pizza in front of Buggin' Out before they have their argument. After the argument, Buggin' Out sits down to eat his pizza. The piece of pizza looks different than the one Sal gave him.
  • Right before Sal begins to bash the radio, you can see Radio Raheem's arms on the radio as if he's leaning on it. The second Sal starts to bash the radio, you can see that Radio Raheem is standing a few feet behind the counter.
  • Sal says only Italian-Americans are on the wall. However, there is also a picture of Sophia Loren, who is Italian, not Italian-American.
  • The story takes place at the intersection of Bedford and Stuyvesant Avenues. In reality, the two do not cross each other, however the film was shot in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn.
  • When Mookie throws the trash can through Sal's window, the reverse shot from inside the restaurant reveals the main camera, in the lower left portion of the screen, dollying in towards the window as it's smashed.
  • The bicyclist walks past him on the left; but the black mark is on the right side of his shoe.
  • Just after the guy pee's on the wall; his friend is wiping his forehead and the towel changes from his left to right hand between shots.
  • When the kids are getting the scraped ice treats: The brick of ice goes from 1/8 of an inch to about three inches scraped between shots.
  • When Mookie delivers a pizza right after the Bugging Out/Sal incident, Smiley is seen just outside the window of the Pizzeria on the left, as Mookie leaves with the pizza, and turns right. When Mookie arrives in the apartment building to deliver the pizza, Smiley meets him walking down the stairs. It is implausible that Smiley could have been in those two places within the time period shown.
  • The way Sal, who's an Italian-American from New York City pronounces the word "pizzeria".


  • In the final scene, when Sal throws $500 to Mookie, he throws five bills, and Mookie throws two back at him. When Mookie goes to pick the money up again, he picks up two bills, but two more are visible in the frame, lying on the ground.
  • After Radio Raheem finally dies after being choked by the police officer, his eyes are closed, however, once he falls to the ground, his eyes are open again.
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