Child's Play (1988)

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Child's Play seems to have been concocted by a parent who went berserk after standing in line for hours on end to purchase a Cabbage Patch doll in the early 1980s. The film opens with serial killer Brad Dourif taking refuge in a doll factory. Dourif is killed by the cops, but not before he has invoked a voodoo curse which transfers his soul into one of the dolls. That particular doll, nicknamed Chuckie, is unwittingly purchased by Catherine Hicks for her son Alex Vincent. Several murders occur shortly thereafter; all evidence points to Alex, who insists that his cherub-faced doll is responsible. Detective Chris Sarandon, the man responsible for Dourif's death, doesn't swallow Alex's story, but he agrees to investigate because he's sweet on Alex's mom. The slasher-flick ending of Child's Play would seem to have settled Chuckie's hash for good and all, but guess again--the film spawned numerous sequels.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


  • Catherine Hicks
  • Chris Sarandon
  • Alex Vincent
  • Brad Dourif
  • Dinah Manoff
  • Tommy Swerdlow
  • Jack Colvin
  • Neil Giuntoli
  • Juan Ramírez
  • Alan Wilder

Did You Know?


  • Composer Joe Renzetti and singer/songwriter Simon Stokes recorded an ending credits theme song about Chucky the Doll that wasn't used in the final finished film because studio executives thought it made Chucky seem less scary. The song can be heard in one of the trailers for the film.
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  • The drink Andy makes changes color.
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    • [as Andy places Chucky in the fireplace and gets ready to light it up]
    • Chucky: No, Andy, NO!
    • [pause]
    • Chucky: We're friends 'til the end! Remember?
    • Andy: This is the end, friend!
    • [Andy lights the fireplace and Chucky starts to scream as he burns]
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A cheerfully energetic horror film of the slam-bang school, but slicker and more clever than most, about an evil doll named Charles Lee Ray, or Chucky.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times