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  • After Brick tries to drive away and gets stuck, Maggie goes out to him and helps him into the house through the pouring rain. Her hair is soaking wet, but the next time we see her, it's perfectly dry and styled.
  • When Doc Baugh comes upstairs to tell Brick about Big Daddy's real condition, he examines Brick's leg and discusses football with him. In the course of that conversation, Brick alludes to a game played against "Bama State", meaning Alabama State. Bama State (Alabama State) is a historically black university in Montgomery. During the 1950s, Brick's college (presumably Ole Miss) would not have been allowed to play a historically black college. The choice of "Bama State" by the writers was a factual mistake, in that such a game could not have occurred under any circumstances in that era.
  • The way Maggie holds on to Brick changes three times when Maggie has locked the door to give them privacy.
  • In the first scene of the film, when Brick is arranging the obstacles, his shadow is projected to the right side of the screen. After he approaches the car and drinks from the bottle, his shadow is projected to the left side.
  • The way Big Daddy holds his cigar changes when he asks Ida to walk with him.
  • The way Brick holds the glass changes while Maggie talks about Big Daddy's arrival.
  • Maggie removes the gift card from the envelope twice.
  • The way Brick holds his glass changes, while Maggie talks with him about Gooper's plan to grab the estate.
  • The "Southern accents" by almost every character are wildly inconsistent from scene to scene and from each other.
  • When Brick asks Maggie if she would live alone, he is at the bar putting ice in his glass, which disappears and reappears several times.
  • After Doctor Baugh tells Brick the truth about Big Daddy, he leaves the scene from the balcony. However, near the last shot of the scene, you can see a shadow of a person walking behind on the balcony long after Doctor Baugh left the scene.
  • Although it is filled once in the afternoon, the ice bucket in Brick's bedroom stays full well into the evening even though it's never replenished.
  • After Brick and Big Daddy come up from the cellar, Big Mamma says to Gooper "Take these papers away before I tear them up. I don't know what's in them; I don't want to know what's in them." Big Daddy goes outside and talks to the folks fixing the light. As he approaches the door to come into the room where Gooper and Big Mamma are arguing, you can hear her say the line "Take these papers away before I tear them up. I don't know what's in them; I don't want to know what's in them." again.
  • When Brick lies on the couch and Maggie is at the mirror, he takes a drink and says that he is not conscious of looking at Maggie. She turns round and his drink is gone.
  • When Big Momma questions Maggie regarding Brick's drinking, the way the glass is held and the amount in it change position.
  • When at the record player, Brick is looking up, but in next cut is looking down.
  • In the opening scene, Mae is shown rehearsing the children to play Dixie when they meet Big Daddy at the airport. Initially she is shown at the front of the parade, then in the next shot she is bringing up the rear.
  • In the opening scene, Brick is at a sports field bearing the sign "East Mississippi High School Athletic Stadium." Later in the film, after a storm, one of the characters states that the rain has "moved across the river to Arkansas." That implies that Big Daddy's plantation is somewhere close to the Mississippi River, which runs along the edge of western Mississippi. References to Gooper's law practice in Memphis and the 28,000 acres of rich land also indicate a plantation in the Mississippi Delta country, along the river in northwest Mississippi, rather than the eastern part of the state.
  • The enormous cake Big Momma brings into the bedroom - and continues to carry for the remainder of the scene - is clearly fake. Despite its size, she carries it with no effort and without it shifting on its platter. Later on, it is plain that the colored candles have nearly completely melted down, leaving streaks of wax all over the unchanged surface.
  • Despite the fact that merely stepping on his broken leg causes Brick to collapse, he is able to stand on both feet while he is smashing up the cellar.
  • When Maggie is arriving at the birthday party, she is assaulted by her niece who throws ice cream at Maggie's legs. Maggie scoops up a teaspoonful of the mess from her legs, with the intent of smearing it in the child's face. When she reaches the child, the tiny amount of ice cream she holds has grown to considerably more than a pint.
  • In the first bedroom scene with Brick and Maggie, as Maggie grabs an ice cube the front door on the phonograph/radio console suddenly closes between shots.
  • When Maggie is driving Big Daddy to the house, the needle on the speedometer never moves past zero.
  • When Big Daddy and Brick are talking in Brick and Maggie's bedroom about Brick's alcoholism, the audio on one of Big Daddy's lines is, "You'll hear plenty of that in the grave soon enough, but right now we're going to sit down and talk this over." The last three words in this sentence do not match the movement of Big Daddy's mouth.
  • [while adjusting her hose] Maggie asks Brick, "are my seams straight?" - though she's never seen in seamed-stockings (which were passé by the 1950s).
  • When Brick breaks the crutch in a car door, the lower half falls outside the car. But he bends down and picks up the upper part of the crutch.
  • As the children rehearse and perform "Dixie" to honor Big Daddy, the little girl on the kazoo plays the instrument an octave lower than the trumpet. This would mean that a girl of 10 can sing in the bass-baritone range which is highly unlikely.
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