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  • The middle school scenes were shot at the now-defunct Patrick Henry High School in Stockbridge, Georgia. This is the same location used for both Hawkins Middle and Hawkins High Schools in seasons 1 and 2 of Stranger Things (2016).
  • Steve Agee, Michael Rooker, Stephen Blackehart and Terence Rosemore appeared as Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017).
  • Elizabeth Banks and David Denman both appeared in Power Rangers (2017).
  • At around 14:30, when the family are at Darba's Family Grill celebrating Brandon's birthday, it is clearly a shuttered Hardee's based on the outside facade.
  • Brandon Breyer's name follows the classic comic-book convention of superheroes with alliterative first and last names, such as Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, etc.
  • Brightburn is mentioned as being in Kansas, which is where Kal-El landed and later grew up to become Superman.
  • In many scenes, Brandon wears combinations of blue, red and yellow, the main colors in Superman's traditional outfit. (This tactic was also used on the character Clark Kent in the TV series "Smallville.")
  • Elizabeth Banks and Michael Rooker also starred in Slither together.
  • The mask Brandon wears seems partially inspired by wasps. An early classroom scene he talks about how certain wasps place their young in a separate hive, getting others to feed them. This is a clear parallel to his situation.
  • The story is a twisted tale on Superman. The child's name is Brandon. Brandon Routh is the name of the actor who portrayed Superman in Superman Returns
  • The movie is a darkercynical take on the Superman myhthos. Likewise, Watchmen was a darker cynical spin on superheroes. One of the main Watchmen images was a smiley face. Brightburn features a smiley face painting In the Breyer's family home.


  • Michael Rooker plays a YouTube conspiracy theorist in a short sequence during the end credits. He compares the footage of Brightburn to other mysterious figures that he believes the government is trying to cover up. The figures resemble a twisted version of DC Comics Justice League. Rooker's character mentions a sea creature over turning a boat, an allusion to Aquaman and a witch strangling people with ropes, a probable analog to Wonder Woman. Also shown in the graphic behind Rooker's character is an alien being, possibly a reference to the Martian Manhunter and an image of the Crimson Bolt, which was Rainn Wilson's character from James Gunn's earlier film 'Super' who had some similarities to Batman.
  • Superman traditionally stands for "truth, justice and the American way". The essay Caitlyn is writing when she's visited by Brandon is "The Decline of Truth and Justice in the Modern World"
  • In class, when describing wasps, Brandon says that wasps are more aggressive than bees, work in groups to attack, and that one species forces other insects to raise its young. This becomes a clear analogy of Brandon's alien species of origin, as they left him to be raised by human parents and later instruct him to dominate his surroundings.
  • Many familiar demon child movie tropes and cliches here. One parent believes the kid; the other thinks he's a psychopath. (Orphan, Damien Omen 2). A series of accidents that happen but no one is sure who did it. (Orphan, Omen, Exorcist). The parent take it upon themselves to kill the kid and end up getting killed themselves. (The Bad Seed, The Omen, Carrie). There's a big confrontation at the ending where the parents get killed; the kid survives and ends up looking like the hero. (The Omen, the Bad Seed). Also the kid is getting direction from some supernatural force; or some otherworldly father figure. (The Exorcist, the Omen, Children of the Corn). The kid is seen as some anti-christ figure; the source of Armaggedon. (Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, The Exoricst franchise).
  • The scene where Tori tries to stab Brandon at the end right after telling him she loves him, holding the knife behind her back and then attacking as they are hugging, is very similar to the scene in Carrie when Margaret stabs Carrie at the end.
  • The building collapse was filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was the real demolition of The Sir John Carling Building on July 13th, 2014. The stock footage was shot by filmmaker Chris Chitaroni.
  • Police officer at the end of the film reports a 217. Code 217 is used by some police departments to indicate an "assault with intent to murder" is in progress, and an officer needs back-up.
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