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    • [to Brandon]
    • Tori Breyer: Whatever you've done, I know there is good inside you!
    • [near tears]
    • Brandon Breyer: I want to do good mom... I do!
    • Brandon Breyer: Mom, who am I?
    • Tori Breyer: You are a *gift*. I know it's been difficult for you lately, that you feel different from other kids. You *are* different. After your dad and I got married, we prayed for a baby for so long. One night, someone listened.
    • Brandon Breyer: Take the world!
    • [From trailer]
    • Brandon Breyer: I want to do good mom. I do.
    • Caitlyn: He's a pervert
    • [incensed]
    • Brandon Breyer: Liar
    • [showing up in her bedroom]
    • Brandon Breyer: You're one of the few people who knows how special I am, I know I'm superior
    • Caitlyn: My mom doesn't want you anywhere near me anymore
    • [matter of fact]
    • Brandon Breyer: Don't worry... I'll take care of it
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