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  • After Holly enters Paul's bedroom through the window, stockings appear on her legs.
  • When learning Portuguese Holly says there are over "four thousand irregular verbs." However in Brazilian Portuguese these have all been rationalized. Holly was going to Brazil.
  • At the party before she meets Rusty her hair is streaked blonde and has approximately 3 strands of blonde hair running up into her bun. Later the bun and streaks are differently placed. Only two strands running up into the bun.
  • In the party scene, Paul dances his way out with an older woman. The woman is carrying a coffee cup which changes from yellow in the first shot to pink in the next.
  • Towards the end of the movie when Holly and Paul are in the cab, you can see that the taxi driver isn't really holding the steering wheel and that it's turning itself.
  • When Holly and Mr. Pereira come from a dinner party, he brings a banderilla (a Spanish and not Brazilian artifact) and says "Ole" which is Spanish rather than Brazilian Portuguese.
  • When Holly gets out of the cab in the rain at the end, her hair is already soaking wet from previous takes.
  • When Holly is in a mad rage in her apartment she pulls up the cloth on her dressing table, throwing the cat to the floor. In the next shot, he flies up to the window.
  • Holly's cigarette changes position and her face changes expression between shots while watching the stripper.
  • When Holly sneaks into Paul's apartment to visit the night after they first meet, he is wearing a watch on his right wrist. However, when he states, "They bought what's in that box," while pointing to a box filled with copies of his novel, the watch disappears. It reappears in the next shot.
  • When Holly is listening to the LP to learn Portuguese, the voice in the record speaks Portuguese with a Portuguese accent (and not Brazilian, as it should be).
  • When Holly breaks things in her apartment, Paul's necktie is alternately in/out of his vest between shots.
  • In the final scene, Paul's rain-soaked hair switches back and forth from being tussled in the wider shots to being slicked back in the close-ups.
  • Cat is played by at least two cats, a yellow mackerel tabby and a yellow classic tabby, that change back and forth throughout the movie. (The Trivia section says there were at least nine cats.)
  • The door behind Holly and Paul when they enter her building has a lock with a cylinder that alternates between being right-side up and upside-down in different scenes.
  • Throughout the movie the name "José" is always said with the Hispanic pronunciation of the letter "J" (ho say), but the character is said to be Brazilian. Although Brazil has a Spanish-speaking minority, especially in the borderlands with Argentina and other nations, the nation's primary language is Portuguese, where J is pronounced similar to the French fashion as in Jean or Jacques.
  • After stealing the masks, as they run back to their apartment block, Holly pulls her mask off, but as they enter the lobby, the mask is still clearly on her face.
  • Paul's apartment is clearly on the third floor as we know from all the scenes early in the film and yet when Paul returns home with groceries he unlocks his apartment on the first floor.
  • (at around 1 min) Just as Holly turns from the Tiffany's window the camera pans left and you can just see a crew/police individual holding back traffic on the street in the distance so they can film the scene.
  • When Holly first looks through Paul's window and sees the 'decorator' leaving him $300 while he sleeps, the ornate gold clock in the background reads 11:30. However just a few minutes later, once Holly is inside the room, we see it again and it now clearly shows 4:30. For the next five minutes, it remains on 4:30, without moving at all.
  • In interior shots the apartments have windows and a fire escape along the side. In exterior shots there is no space between the building and the one adjacent to it, making such architectural modifications impossible.
  • When Holly is wearing the simple white shirt as a nightgown, she turns away from Paul and there is a rip in the back of the shirt, or pins have come away.
  • Near the end, the taxi that Holly and Paul climb into changes from a 1959 Plymouth to the 1958 version.
  • Early in the movie, Paul cites a review from The New York Times Book Review of his book; he gives the date October 1, 1956. The Times Book Review is a Sunday supplement and is dated for Sundays; October 1, 1956, was a Monday.
  • When the Tiffany's salesperson mentions Federal tax this is factually correct. There was Federal tax on luxury items in 1960s. You would paid the Federal Excise plus the state tax. Not everything was subject to this excise tax so he was reminding them of this obligation.
  • Camera shadow visible on the wall as Paul leaves Holly's bedroom, following her destruction of it.
  • In the opening scene, Holly's taxi is traveling NORTH on Fifth Avenue to drop her off at Tiffany's. True, the street is deserted because of the early morning hour, but traffic on Fifth Avenue travels SOUTH (downtown).
  • The metamorphosis of the Plymouth taxis is correct, but a previous observation is incorrect. The cab changes from a 1959 Plymouth to a 1957 model -- not a 1958. A quick view of the front of the cab shows it has only two headlights. Later, when Holly Golightly alights from the right rear of the cab, the taillight shows it to be a 1958 model.


  • At the end of the film, Holly puts on nylon stockings in the cab. The left one has a visible run on it, yet the stylish Holly still puts it on. When she steps out of the cab, the run is gone. Then, as she searches for the cat, the nylons seem to disappear and then reappear.
  • When Holly and Paul are riding in the taxi near the end, the street seen in a rear projection through the back window is a wide, four-lane New York City street. But when the cab stops for Holly to throw the cat out, and in subsequent shots on the street and in the alley, the street is very narrow, barely wide enough for two cars, and clearly a set on the studio back lot.
  • Near the end of the movie, when Paul and Holly argue, the model year of the Plymouth taxi changes from 1959 (when they first get in) to 1958 (when they stop for Holly to toss out the cat) to 1957 (when Paul orders the cab to stop so he can exit in anger). When Holly relents and jumps out of the cab (that has not moved since Paul got out), it is a 1958 model again.
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