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  • Jeffrey's cheek wound disappears in some scenes.
  • In the club, a guitar solo is heard, while no guitarist is present.
  • Ben receives his beer from Frank - in the next two shots Ben holds the beer in different places e.g. round the glass, then the handle and back to around the glass.
  • Coke glasses appear out of nowhere when Jeffrey and Sandy are in the diner.
  • Jeffrey's earring seems to disappear and reappear.
  • After Frank and Ben received their glasses there's some froth topping Frank's beer, but not Ben's. However, in the close-up of Ben there's clearly a thin layer of froth. Back to both in frame, and again Ben's beer has no froth.
  • During Ben's lip-syncing performance of Roy Orbison's "In Dreams", Frank abruptly ejects the cassette tape midway through the song. A short while later, he has Paul insert the tape in his car tape player. It immediately starts playing at the beginning of the same song without being rewound.
  • Frank's beer appears to change in color and level during the scenes at Ben's house.
  • Jeffrey's hands jump between the top of his head and his ear between shots when he is kneeling before Dorothy when she first discovers him in the closet.
  • Jeffrey is given a terrible beating by Frank and his gang, and we see swelling and bruising all over his face. Yet when he arrives for his date a few days later on Friday, there isn't a mark on him.
  • During the first time Sandy and Jeffery hear Dorothy sing, the dress she ends with on stage is different than the dress she started with. However, this could simply be the result of a costume change between the sets of her performance.
  • In the opening credits, Frances Bay's first name is misspelled "Francis."
  • Dorothy lives on the seventh floor of Deep River Apartments, a building which only has six floors. This is done purposely and occurs similarly in many movies to deter sightseers, fans and psychos from disrupting people who live in the real location. For similar reasons, "555-" is nearly always used on film and TV as the first three digits of phone numbers, to prevent people from trying the number and annoying people.
  • When Jeffrey is speaking with Sandy's father about 90 minutes in, Sandy is sitting on the stairs with a wedding band on her ring finger.
  • The movie is set in Lumberton, NC. A map of Lumberton on the police station wall is actually a map of Wilmington, NC, where the movie was filmed. Wilmington is on the coast, as shown on the map, while Lumberton is about 90 miles inland.
  • Jeffrey does not wear his underwear when Dorothy hides him in her closet after Frank arrives, but the underwear is put on after Jeffrey comes out of the closet.
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