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  • When Karine takes her first water sample, she syringes the water into a plastic container and then closes the lid. This sample is then handed to the marine who closes the lid again.
  • At first glance it appears that when the Xenomorph climbs down the hole on the ship, its dorsal tubes phase through the floor. However they can be seen to be quite flexible, folding back against the creatures body.
  • The landing crew are shown walking down the ramp and wading through water upon landing; when running back to the ship the land is dry and they walk onto the boarding ramp on dry ground, when the camera angle changes we see water around the ramp again.
  • The "gestation period" for the Xenomorphs changes from character to character. It takes anywhere from roughly 1 hour with the first "chest burster" to appear to mere minutes for subsequent others to gestate. There seems to be no "standard" length of time before they appear. Additionally, this contradicts all of the other films in the Alien franchise which this films "precedes" because it takes as long as a calendar day for Kane's alien implant to gestate. David explained to Capt. Oram he bred them into hybrids, thus making them grow at different, and faster, rates. Correction: The above correction actually creates another, larger, plot hole. This film precedes the original film in the franchise, Alien by 14 years. The Xenomorphs found in that film were apparently brought there inside the ship of the so-called "Space Jockey" a character not shown in Alien: Covenant. There would no way that David could have introduced his embryos to that vessel when the first film makes it clear that the ship they found had been there for many years..certainly longer than 14 or so. In short, the Xenomorphs that exist in this film cannot be the ones which exist in later films.
  • When Daniels and Tennessee open the terraforming bay doors at the end, the ejected trucks fall planetward as if the Covenant were hovering rather than orbiting. Earlier, however, shortly before Tennessee descends in the cargo lift (~1:16:45), a full screen monitor displays "COVENANT ORBIT", hence the ejected trucks would stay in orbit until they lost significant velocity, and not fall as depicted.
  • Synthetics (Robots) do not grow hair, as David did mid-way through the film. They do not age. They stay the same throughout their immortal life cycle.
  • Free climbing is with ropes as back up. Solo climbing is what they should be referring to.
  • At around 24 mins, the Covenant's computer is saying the location of a signal's origin in astronomical terms. It incorrectly says "declension"; the correct word is "declination".
  • During the opening act, the Covenant is damaged by a shockwave after Mother detects a "neutrino storm". Nutrinos are nearly massless particles which so rarely interact with other material that they commonly pass though the entire Earth without ever causing a reaction. They could not damage the ship as portrayed in the film. However, the ship wasn't damaged by a neutrino storm at all, but by (as the crew puts it) a "highly charged shockwave from a stellar ignition" (e.g. a supernova) and/or a "spontaneous stellar flare". A neutrino burst is merely something that occurs during a stellar ignition event but is not the cause of the event or any resulting shockwaves from it.
  • When Walter removes a damaged embryo from A-3371 there is a small pool of red liquid remaining in its holder which then completely disappears seconds later when he closes the drawer.
  • Mother gives distances in metric kilometers, but reports the planet's air pressure in psi (pounds per square inch) instead of kPa. A program like this would not mix and match.
  • In this, and every other film in the Alien franchise, the creature grows from a homunculus within a human body cavity to full adult-size in a matter of hours with no explanation as to the source of the additional mass necessary for such rapid growth. Of course, if such a thing were easily explainable by human reasoning, then the organisms wouldn't be very "alien" would they.
  • Neanderthals are described as discovering music and then inventing culture. Neanderthals were a cousin species, 98% replaced by modern humans from Africa. Their culture was static and had no confirmed art, which begins with modern humans.
  • When Ledward, the first person who was infected, sits on rock feeling sick we see two insects flying around him, and there is not supposed to be any animal life forms on planet, except aliens. However, it is possible that these were the insect hybrids that David engineered (which he shows to Oram later).
  • In the second half of the movie, in the first scene where Daniels is sitting on the ground out in the rain by the laptop asking the crew on the ship to drop the cargo lift we can hear her voice loud and clear, but her mouth is not moving.
  • Astronauts exploring a newly discovered planet for the first time would never send a team immediately down to the surface. They would spend months/years analyzing every part of the planet using drone and/or rovers to collect data. Even if (after all the research) they decide to send a crew down to the surface, they would definitely not go without wearing a protective suit and helmet. They'd need to shield themselves from any unknown bacteria (or spores) that weren't detected during all the non-human inspections.
  • Planet 4 is stated as having a surface gravity of 0.96 g (the standard-gravity scale is a comparison to the gravity of Earth, which is 1 g), so Planet 4 is likely very similar in size to Earth. With a planet of that size, it is difficult to believe that Engineers (or Engineer-like beings) inhabited only that one city where David and Elizabeth landed, rather than being spread across the planet. Furthermore, with the Engineer ship at such low altitude when David released the pathogen, it's unlikely that the pathogen could have traveled beyond the valleys and mountains in the immediate area, which means that if the rest of the planet were inhabited by Engineers/Engineer-like beings and/or other life forms, the pathogen probably would not have reached them.
  • After David cuts his hair after meeting Walter, the color of his hair changes from blond to brown. David would not have a way to color his hair, or even that quickly, on a primitive planet. However, we can see that David's hair has darker roots (he was seen bleaching it in Prometheus to look like Peter O'Toole) and he was simply cutting away the remnants of blond that he had allowed to grow in the intervening years.
  • When David abruptly stops playing the piano to ask a question, the last four notes he plays are three identical notes, followed by one higher note. But to play that higher note, his hand moves left, toward the low end of the keyboard.
  • When the energy sails are nearly deployed, we see a computer hologram depicting their progress. This hologram has the sails moving much faster than the actual sails shown in exterior shots of the ship.
  • The first alien is born about the size of a grapefruit, small enough to plausibly coexist inside Ledward's body without killing him until the moment it bursts out. But exactly two minutes later, when Faris is shooting at it in the cargo bay, it's the size of a small dog. Of course, part of the life cycle of this exotic bioengineered species is how quickly it grows.
  • Like in so many other Science Fiction movies, the space suit helmets in Alien Covenant are depicted with inside lights that illuminate the face of the person inside. This would of course be totally impractical, as it would greatly impede the person's ability to see outside. However, this is a deliberate stylistic choice by the filmmakers and not a goof.
  • When the crews are on the planet, at various points, the beams from their laser sights are sometimes obviously misaligned with the weapon's barrels, notably canted up on occasion.
  • The planet has, what appears to be (cultivated, Earth-like) wheat: yet there is no sign of (animal or insect) life to the exploratory crew - so how is the wheat pollinated? However, wheat does not rely upon insect pollination, and is wind-pollinated (a process called "anemophily"). Additionally, upon discovery of the wheat, the crew mentions that it is very old and so it had likely been there for years.
  • The 'neomorphs' successfully shot / injured that run off through the undergrowth trailing their 'acid' injury 'blood', leave no visible damage to surrounding vegetation.
  • In the original Alien film by Ridley Scott, the lifecycle of the alien from impregnation to full-sized alien appears to be at least 24 hours, and possibly even a couple of days. The facehugger spends several hours attached to its host, while embryo gestation seems to take several hours further, and subsequent growth of the chestburster to a full sized alien takes even further hours at least. In Alien Covenant, Captain Oram is impregnated by a facehugger, and the embryo proceeds to burst from his chest and grow to a full size in less than an hour. Similarly, Lope is attacked by a facehugger which doesn't even have enough time to properly attach to his face before it is forcibly removed (injuring Lope in the process). Despite the facehugger being on Lope's face for merely a few seconds, it somehow had enough time to implant an embryo inside him, which seems to emerge roughly an hour or so later, and proceed to grow to full size within minutes of emergence.
  • While Walter and David are fighting, the crew is scene and heard running for the ship. Then David runs out of the building to join them just in time. He managed to cut his own hand off, stop the dripping from the "wound" and change into Walters clothing, all in the incredibly short time the crew is running.
  • When Walter beats David in the face during their fight, David's speech becomes "bubbly" like Ash in Alien. But when he joins the crew on the ship, he no longer has this problem.
  • The 'neomorphs' successfully shot / injured that run off through the undergrowth trailing their 'acid' injury 'blood', leave no visible damage to surrounding vegetation.


  • The blood on Ferris' face changes from scene to scene.
  • When Walter and David are quoting from the poem Ozymandias it is incorrectly identified as being written by Lord Byron. It is in fact by Byron's friend Percy Bysshe Shelley. However, Walter later corrects David on his mistake, revealing that the "perfect" David is in fact deranged.
  • In the shots of the first Neomorph emerging, Ledward's uniform can be seen covering parts of his lower back and arms, but immediately after the alien exits and Ledward slumps backward, his uniform is not covering him at all.
  • When David is pretending to be Walter at the end of the film, there is clearly no wound under his chin that was caused by Daniels when she stabbed him with a nail. David does not heal the same way that Walter does and the wound would have been recent enough to be visible.
  • Near the end of the film, David asks the computer ("Mother") to play the entrance to ValHalla from Act 2 of Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold". The opera consists of 4 scenes in a single act, and the music is from Scene 4.
  • When David regurgitates the alien embryos and places them in the refrigerator with the human embryos, they are in exactly the same type of capsule and fit perfectly in the compartments. This is unlikely, given that David has been marooned for ten years and thus had no access to current technological advances.
  • The ship's computer would not have mistaken David for Walter. In fact, since Walter is a newer model and of likely different chemical composition than David, the computer would instantly detected the difference and wouldn't have referred to the android as being "Walter."
  • David claims to have created a "perfect" organism, while in fact the organism he "carefully selected" is inferior to the basic airborne viral organism that attacked the crew when they landed. New "perfect" organism requires eggs/embryo, "gestation period" prior to which a clearly visible "face-hugger" is attached to the host and etc.
  • In Prometheus (2012), it is established that synthetics like David do not breathe, yet after he fights Walter but before he runs to the cargo lift rescue, he stands at the top of the ramp to look back, clearly out of breath.
  • a supposedly well-trained crew take no precautions at all against infections from an alien biosphere. They had no reason to suspect a link with humans, but Earth has bacteria like Tetanus that cannot survive in a human, but often causes death while trying.They have an android, safe from infection, but go themselves.
  • the Engineers in the city take no precautions whatsoever against a strange ship.
  • While the humans on the mission might mistake David for Walter, there's no reason that the computer would do so. They are completely different beings and the computer would have instantly "recognized" that when it sensed David coming aboard.
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