Every day I’m keeping a running article on all the biggest news dropping each day of SDCC. Check back throughout the day as I’ll be regularly updating it with the coolest things coming out of San Diego.

Saturday is THE day at San Diego Comic-Con. The CW shows have all their panels today (aside from Supernatural, which has its customary Sunday Hall H panel). Marvel Studios is back for the first time in two years (and I will have a separate article exclusively for that). Insert the Ron Paul “It’s happening!” meme here, basically. This one might be a little lighter today ’cause let’s be real – we’re all just counting down the minutes until Marvel’s Hall H panel.

If you missed the previous day’s posts, here you go:

In the meantime, here’s all the biggest news from today:

The Marvel Hall H Panel

It’s so big, I decided to do a separate article, which you can find here.

Suffice it to say, it was epic.

The CW’s Arrowverse Drops Their Annual SDCC Sizzle Reels

We already saw the series premiere trailer for Batwoman, but here are the rest of the trailers for the Arrowverse series (minus Legends of Tomorrow, which didn’t have a panel this year).





Y’all know the drill with the Arrowverse by now. There ya go.


‘Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark’ Is All In On Practical Effects

After an era in which Hollywood leaned a little too heavily into all-CGI all the time, it’s nice to see that a recent pop of new projects are keeping it old school with practical effects. Yesterday we got the news that Netflix’s The Dark Crystal series will get a full documentary about the making of the series, and now Guillermo del Toro has revealed his Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie adaptation is using as many practical effects as possible.

“We’re trying to keep physical effects alive,” explained the always-passionate del Toro. SFX artist Mike Elizade added that it makes for a better performance, explaining, “Practical effects get a much stronger performance out of your cast.”

And wow, those effects. They revealed one of the characters, the Jangly Man, in some behind the scenes footage. Played by contortionist Troy James (Hellboy, IT: Chapter Two, The Strain), the visuals were so scary it drew audible gasps from the crowd. Obviously, until it’s released, I can’t show you footage here, but for now:

They also revealed a new poster for Jangly Man, which…NOOOOOOOOOPE. Thanks, I hate it. I mean, I love it. But I also hate it –whatever, you know what I mean.

If any of you follow me, whether through Atom or on Twitter, then you know I’m a big ol’ practical effects nerd. All due respect to CG artists, but man, there’s something unmatchable about DIY practical effects and the freakiness of using contortionists and acrobats rather than CGI. Consider me a thousand times beyond excited GDT is so committed to using practical effects for Scary Stories.


TBS’s ‘Snowpiercer’ Series Brings The Goods To Comic-Con

After the culty success of the Snowpiercer movie, based on French writer Jacques Lob’s graphic novel Le Transperceneige, TBS greenlit a Snowpiercer series. To date, it’s been mired in controversy, first losing Josh Friedman as series writer and showrunner, then pilot director Scott Derrickson (though he remained EP for one series) when TBS execs decided to take the show in an entirely different direction than Friedman had pitched and envisioned. Orphan Black‘s Graeme Mason was ultimately chosen to replace Friedman as showrunner. It got very ugly, very quickly.

While showrunner switches and rewrites are things that happen often in the early stages of TV series, it’s admittedly not usually quite so publicly or with as much bad blood. The trailer looks slick and high concept. Still, you can’t help but wonder what Friedman and Derrickson might have brought to the table, right?

‘Westworld’ Season 3 Drops A Trailer

It’s back. It’s weird. It’s intense. And it’s the show we’ll all speculate about for weeks straight because we have no idea what will happen.

Side note, why is Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again” the go-to song for setting a foreboding atmosphere in movies and TV shows? Fun fact that has absolutely nothing to do with Westworld or Comic-Con, but that song is used at Disney World’s Tower of Terror ride in the garden queue. I was a bellhop years ago and had to hear that tinny, haunting song every single night walking through the deserted gardens in the dark by myself after the park’s close. Hearing the song has always creeped me out ever since. The end.

That’s all I’ve got for Westworld. Sorry, y’all.

CW’s ‘Batwoman’ Series Gets A Release Date

It’s full steam ahead for Batwoman, so much so that titular lead Ruby Rose couldn’t even make it to the SDCC panel because the 6-day-a-week shooting schedule for the series is so intense.

The pilot episode was also shown at Comic-Con and word of mouth on it is good. Interestingly enough, the producers Caroline Dries and Sarah Schechter revealed the first few episodes take place before last year’s annual CW crossover arc, ‘Elseworlds.’

This will be the sixth DC comic series that the CW has piloted. Fingers crossed it’s the strongest one yet.

A Whole Bunch Of ‘Star Trek’ News For My Trekkies Out There

Where are my Trekkies? The “Enter the Star Trek Universe” panel dropped a whole bunch of goodness and news. First off, Star Trek: Discovery will jump 1,000 years into the future in Season 3, it was confirmed by showrunner Alex Kurtzman. He said that means we’ll see “things [we] recognize and don’t recognize,” but not to worry. Everything they do will be true to canon, and he assured the crowd that “every conversation about how we create Star Trek is filtered through Rodenberry’s optimistic vision of Star Trek.”

Next, Nightflyers actor David Ajala is joining the series as a character named Cleveland “Book” Booker, who joins the crew after their time jump.

Third, there’s gonna be another season of the Short Treks mini standalones series. This season will be six episodes of bite-sized Star Trek stories. But, unlike last season, which solely explored the backstory of various Star Trek: Discovery characters, this season will find two episodes animated, and one episode tying into the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series. Here are the titles of the episodes:

  1. Ask Not
  2. Q&A
  3. The Trouble with Edward
  4. The Girl Who Made the Stars
  5. Ephaim and Dot
  6. Children of Mars

The trailer for the series also saw the return of Spock and Captain Pike:

What’s more handful of new images from the upcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery were released. You can see those here.

Last but not least…Picard lives! And Data! And Seven-of-Nine!

Here’s the trailer for Star Trek: Picard, featuring the never-aging Patrick Stewart:

The dog must be protected at all costs.

Go boldly, friends.

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Series Drops A Full-Length Trailer

Fans might have been worried about what HBO will do after Game of Thrones ends, but with the prequel spinoff series coming, His Dark Materials, and now Watchmen, I think HBO will be in fine shape. The trailer itself looks amazing and very in line with the dark, absurdist bent of Alan Moore’s original comic. And Jeremy Irons makes anything he’s in better.

Let’s just hope all the worst people on the internet don’t co-opt the smiley face or Rorschach masks like what happened with V for Vendetta.


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