Only Captain Marvel could beat Game of Thrones‘ Arya Stark.

Carol Danvers herself, Brie Larson, won the MTV Movie & TV Award for “Best Fight” at Monday night’s awards show, besting Arya’s defeat of the Night King. Even better? The Avengers: Endgame star shared the victory with the fight scene’s real MVPs: Her stunt doubles Renae Moneymaker and Joanna Bennett.

After Larson thanked MTV and the fans for awarding Danvers’ fight with Minn-Erva the golden popcorn, she turned the spotlight on Moneymaker and Bennett.

“I wanted to take this moment to really say thank you to the two women who are standing here beside me,” she said. “These are the women that trained me and were also the stunt doubles for Captain Marvel. I could not have made this film without them. They are really the baseline of who she is. They are the living embodiment of Captain Marvel.” Check out Larson’s full speech below:

In the last few years, Hollywood stars and filmmakers have been very vocal about how more attention needs to be paid to stunt performers. Especially when every other movie out there is a blockbuster showcasing their impeccable skills, training, and hard work. Talk arguably reached a critical mass last year, with the release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, when filmmakers and fans again advocated the Academy to add an Oscar category acknowledging the efforts of those charged with pulling off all those amazing stunts. Before that, the previous wave of support came after the physical stunt spectacular that was Mad Max: Fury Road, which rightfully deserved recognition for its stunt coordination. It’s become such a point of contention that actor Matthew Modine (Full Metal JacketThe Dark Knight Rises), who is currently running for SAG-AFTRA president, has made it a key point of his platform to ensure stunt performers are fairly represented and heard in the industry.

He’s right. From Marvel to DC, from Bond to Ethan Hunt, these blockbusters owe a significant debt to stunt performers executing all the movie trailer-friendly spectacle that helps sell tons of popcorn and put butts in seats.

Here’s hoping Hollywood soon gets in line and follows Larson’s lead.

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