Refund Terms Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Due to the ongoing cases of COVID-19, certain states, cities, or other local jurisdictions have passed vaccine mandates, requiring customers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to entering indoor spaces such as movie theaters. In addition, select theaters may have their own vaccine requirements regardless of any state or local mandates.

We have tried to place this notice on those theaters that have told us they are enforcing vaccine mandates/requires, but if you are unsure about the requirements for a theater you are planning to go to, please contact that theater directly to find out about any vaccine (or proof of negative test) requirements.

Atom will not, unfortunately, be able to refund your purchase outside the scope of our standard refund policy of up to 30 minutes before a showtime. Please see our My plans changed - can I cancel my order? FAQ for more information. For example, if a theater will not allow you entry due to an inability to show proof of vaccination and it is less than 30 minutes before the showtime, Atom will not be able to provide you a refund.

Again, please contact your local theater if you have any questions or concerns.