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An in-depth look into the life and work of musician Frank Zappa.

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Dec 13, 2020

As Zappa makes clear, Frank Zappa spent his whole career keeping himself unique, often to his credit and occasionally to his detriment. Winter’s movie does the same, in a way that does justice to a guy who’s not easy to do justice to.

Metacritic review by Steve Pond
Steve Pond
Nov 27, 2020

I found the film to be an engrossing look at Zappa and his legacy that nevertheless avoids the mere hagiography that films of this sort run the risk of embracing when not handled properly.

Metacritic review by Peter Sobczynski
Peter Sobczynski
Nov 23, 2020

In Zappa, this legendary artist’s uncompromising nature is bracing, bold and utterly refreshing.

Metacritic review by Katie Walsh
Katie Walsh
Chicago Tribune