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    • Anshel: Why is it people who want the truth never believe it when they hear it?
    • Avigdor: I can't believe this, I'm arguing with a woman!
    • Yentl: It's not the first time.
    • Tailor: A tailor's like a doctor, what's to be ashamed?
    • Bookseller: You're in the wrong place, storybooks for women are over here.
    • Yentl: . I'll take it.
    • [holding a book]
    • Yentl: I'd like this one, please.
    • [takes the book away]
    • Bookseller: Sacred books are for men.
    • Yentl: Why?
    • Bookseller: It's the law.
    • Yentl: Where's it written?
    • Bookseller: It doesn't matter where it's written, it's the law.
    • Yentl: Well if it's the law it must be written somewhere, perhaps in here
    • [the book]
    • Yentl: Why is it that every book I buy, every bookseller has the same old argument?
    • Yentl: Thank you, papa!
    • Yentl's Father: The shutters, darling.
    • Yentl: We don't have to hide my studying from God, then why the neighbors?
    • Yentl's Father: Why? Because I trust God will understand. I'm not so sure about the neighbors.
    • Yentl's Father: You know why.
    • Yentl: I envy them.
    • Yentl's Father: The booksellers?
    • Yentl: No, not the booksellers, the students. Talking about life, the mysteries of the universe and I'm learning how to tell a herring from a carp.
    • Yentl's Father: Yentl, for the thousandth time, men and women..."
    • [cuts him off]
    • Yentl: have different obligations, I know, but...
    • [cuts her off]
    • Yentl's Father: and don't ask why.
    • [sees her disappointment]
    • Yentl's Father: Go on, get the book.
    • Rabbi Zalman: It's by their questions that we choose our students, not only by their answers.
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