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Where the Wild Things Are

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  • DVD and Blu-ray trailer for the film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's childrens classic
  • Home video trailer for the film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's children's classic

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Yearning for escape and adventure, a young boy runs away from home and sails to an island filled with creatures that take him in as their king.


  • Catherine Keener
  • Max Records
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • James Gandolfini
  • Lauren Ambrose
  • Chris Cooper
  • Catherine O'Hara
  • Forest Whitaker
  • Paul Dano

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For all the artfulness, the feel of the film is rough-hewn, almost primitive. It’s a fabulous tree house of a movie.

Metacritic review by David Edelstein
David Edelstein
New York Magazine (Vulture)

Where the film falters is Jonze and novelist Dave Eggers' adaptation, which fails to invest this world with strong emotions.

Metacritic review by Kirk Honeycutt
Kirk Honeycutt
The Hollywood Reporter

I have a vision of eight-year-olds leaving the movie in bewilderment. Why are the creatures so unhappy? That question doesn’t return a child to safety or anywhere else. Of one thing I am sure: children will be relieved when Max gets away from this anxious crew.

David Denby
The New Yorker