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  • When Harry is dropped off in New York's Washington Square in 1977 the street signs are green and white. In 1977 the street signs in New York were still gold and black.
  • Leaving the diner in 1977, Sally pulls the door with her right hand. From the outside, she opens the door with her left hand.
  • Harry says, "I'll roll down the window," but the window alternately appears open and closed.
  • The pictures that Sally drew for "Baby Talk" change during the game.
  • Near the end, when Sally is typing on her computer, apparently she is typing the longest word in the history of modern language, because her fingers never touch the "space" bar.
  • There were no bollards to block traffic under the Washington Square arch in 1977, as depicted in the drop off scene.
  • At the very beginning of their 1977 road trip, the lock on Sally's door changes back and forth between being locked and unlocked even though she never touches it.
  • When Harry and Sally are in the diner and discussing whether women can fake orgasms, Sally's sandwich changes shape between shots.
  • In 1977, when Harry and Sally enter the diner and also while they eat, Sally's hair is limp and untidy. When Sally is tallying the bill, it is neat freshly styled. When they go outdoors, her hair is untidy again.
  • The first time Harry and Sally stop at a diner (on the way from Chicago to New York), Sally opens the menu, but on the next shot, she opens it again. Her hands are in different positions depending on the camera angle for most of the sequence.
  • When Harry and Sally are in the diner talking about whether the women have a good time in bed with him, the bite mark in Sally's sandwich keeps moving from being near the side, to the centre, and back to the side.
  • When driving through Chicago on the way to New York in the 1970s, a 1980s model Chevy Cavalier is visible.
  • When Harry and Sally are hugging after the fight at Jess and Marie's, their arms are in one position from the front and another from the back.
  • When Harry, Sally, Marie and Jess are at dinner during the blind date, Marie's drink often jumps from her hand to the table between shots.
  • When Harry and Sally enter the diner in 1977, the credit card sticker on the door reads MasterCard. At the time, the company was still known as MasterCharge and the current name was adopted only in 1979.
  • At the final New Year's Eve party Sally's lipstick disappears and reappears between shots.
  • When Sally is faking the orgasm in Katz's Deli, the woman who says "I'll have what she's having" is seated in the self service section and a waiter would not have come over to take here order. The waiter service section is against the wall to Sally's left.
  • During the scenes set in 1982 (1977 plus "5 years later") a United Airlines Boeing 737-300 is shown landing. The 737-300 model did not start revenue service with any airline until 1984.
  • When Harry and Sally are in the museum, Harry makes a joke about hieroglyphics being part of an ancient comic strip. When he says "...about a character named Sphinxy," his lips don't match the words he can be heard saying.
  • When Jess and Marie are talking to Harry and Sally after they make love, a person walks back and forth in the mirror behind Harry. The person is not a crew member but a restaurant worker as you can also see canned food on shelves.
  • When Harry and Sally drive from the University of Chicago to New York, they should drive on the Lake Shore Drive heading to the south (to the direction of Gary), not to the north (to the direction of downtown). So they should not be on the Lake Shore drive on the north of downtown.
  • When Sally tells Harry that she's watching Casablanca, she says it's on channel 11. A few moments later, when they're both watching the movie in their respective apartments, both TVs are turned to channel 7.
  • When Harry and Jess are talking in the crowd at the Giants vs Lions game, the overhead shots of the crowd doing the wave is not at the Giants stadium. It is actually the Rich Stadium, the home of the Buffalo Bills; now known as Ralph Wilson Stadium.
  • At the end, when Harry and Sally are sitting on the couch talking about their marriage, Sally is actively hiding her left hand. When she waves it around, there is no wedding ring visible.
  • When Jess gives a speech at the wedding he says: "If Marie or I had found either of them remotely attractive... we would not be here today." The first half of the sentence does not match his mouth movements.
  • When driving to New York from the University of Chicago, they mention it's an 18 hour drive. In reality it's only a 12.5 - 13 hour drive from Chicago to New York.
  • When Harry is watching New Year's Rocking Eve, the channel on the TV is set to 3 instead of ABC's New York affiliate's channel, 7, revealing that he's actually watching a video tape of the show. In the age of VHS, channel 3 was almost exclusively used to connect VHS players to TVs.
  • The morning after Harry and Sally make love all four of them are on the phone reporting the incident. Jess and Marie are in bed on their respective phones. Harry and Sally are montaged on either side of the bed. There is a mirror behind Harry. A man can be seen crossing left to right in the mirror who is part of the crew.
  • When visiting their friends and helping to serve dessert, Sally tells Marie that "Harry hates sweets." However, on New Year's Eve, Harry is alone and eating a bag of "moon pie" chocolate cookies, telling himself they are the best in the world.
  • When Harry and Sally enter the diner during the road trip, Sally sits down and puts her hands on the table. It then cuts to a different angle and her hands are not on the table.
  • When Harry and Sally are at a party with other dates, Sally says in the kitchen that Harry doesn't even like sweets. Yet in the film, a Harry is seen eating Malomars in one scene and an ice cream cone in another.
  • After arriving in New York in 1977, the World Trade Center's tower 1 is sporting its radio mast. This was not added until 1979.


  • At the New Year's Eve party at end of the film when Harry is telling Sally all the things he loves about her, people in the background are still seen dancing even though the music has stopped and you hear the crowd counting down to midnight.
  • After Harry and Sally have sex, Sally is getting up for some water and is supposed to be naked, however as she stands to put on her robe, you can see her night gown around her legs, which must be tied up around her neck under her hair.
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