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  • Trey Edward Shults's third consecutive collaboration with A24, following Krisha (2015) and It Comes At Night (2017).
  • Lucas Hedges and Alexa Demie previously worked on Mid90s (2018) together.
  • It was erroneously reported when the film was announced that it was going to be a musical.
  • The script Trey Edward Shults sent to Sterling K. Brown was a PDF with embedded music cues, varying font sizes and colors, and notes about aspect ratio changes.
  • It was not filmed in the same house as Krisha. The Krisha house was in Texas and the Waves house is in Florida. The look similar and Shults has said it felt meant to be
  • Lucas Hedges & Clifton Collins Jr. previously worked on Honey Boy (2019).


  • In the first half (Tyler's story), the aspect ratio condenses, shrinking smaller and smaller until finally Tyler and his family are reduced within a square. It is only when the story passes from Tyler to Emily midway through that the aspect ratio grows with each sequence until Emily and her family are framed within a full-screen aspect ratio again. What's interesting is when we meet Tyler singing with his girlfriend as he drives, the aspect ratio is full-screen before it begins to slim down. It's at the end when Emily and her boyfriend sing together as she drives when the aspect ratio spreads back to full screen, bringing the story full-circle. A 360 degree spin shot is even used within both scenes.
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